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Will Putin Attack NATO?

Will Putin attack NATO?  Can the army of Putin fight with the military of NATO? What will be the consequences of the war between Russia and NATO?

Why Is Putin Angry?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is blatantly breaking the international law of peace. He launched a war against Ukraine on 20th February 2022. Ukraine wanted to be a part of NATO and Russia didn’t want it. Want to know why?

NATO’s role in the world is collective defense. It has to join the war with any member country if any third party attacks it. But Ukraine is still not a member of NATO. Yet, NATO is supplying arms to NATO, and this has made Putin angry.

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What Is The Result Of This Anger?

“Putin will attack NATO to stop the transfer of weapons to Ukraine”, says the security chief of Britain. Putin might also strike off aircraft and caravan heading towards Ukraine.

The security chief also says, “I believe that President Vladimir Putin wishes us to be scared of the use of a nuclear bomb in Ukraine, which would be a catastrophic step which might distinguish Russia in the world.”

In any scenario, he wants to cease the transportation of arms to Ukraine. Putin can also attack NATO’s base and strike the place of manufacturing of arms. This strike-off might cause a threat to other NATO member countries. As per Lord Ricketts, the UK Government’s first national security adviser, Putin is eager to attack NATO. He thinks it’s easy to strike off the NATO base.

On the other hand, as per Volodymyr Zelensky, it is better if Russia doesn’t capture any territory in the Donbas region.

He further also adds, “We believe that just because we fought them off and they evacuated, leaving Kyiv from the north, Chernihiv, and other directions, doesn’t mean they won’t try to take Donbas“.

The Ukrainian President also wants us to be ready for a nuclear war, not to wait for one.

russia vs ukraine

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Comparison Of Russia And NATO’s Army

NATO derives its military from each member including Canada, the UK, etc. The Army of Russia has 1.5 million personnel compared to 3.3 million the NATO.

In comparing the GDP, Russia’s total GDP is $1.7 trillion while NATO’s total GDP is $18.3 trillion.

nato vs russia

Russia is also facing an economic meltdown. Its economic growth rate is not more than 2%, inflation is around 8%, and its dependence on energy is almost 50% of the foreign trade.

NATO is indirectly helping Ukraine. Since Ukraine is not a NATO member yet, it cannot fight a war against Russia for it. But, if Russia attacks any NATO member country in course of the war with Ukraine, NATO will immediately come into the war with Russia.

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Will Putin Attack NATO?

Putin is ready to give whatever it takes to win a war with Ukraine. He will also not shy away to use his nukes to win the war if needed.

Even though Russia’s focus should be its economic growth, Putin is not a normal political leader. He had even invaded Crimea back in 2014, even then Russia was in an economic recession.

Even though Russia can sustain a war as its foreign reserves are full of gold. Yet, war is not a good option for it.

Yet, Putin will attack NATO despite a small military compared to NATO’s. Putin considers Russia a nuclear superpower.

Putin will be ready to use nuclear weapons. And then. there will be no clear winner.

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