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What Is The Controversy Regarding Matt Gaetz About?

Who Is Matt Gaetz?

Matt Gaetz was born May 7, 1982s an American lawyer and politician who has served as the U.S. representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district since 2017. A Republican, he has become one of the foremost congressional allies of former US President Donald Trump.

The son of prominent Florida politician Don Gaetz, Gaetz was raised in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. After graduating from the William & Mary Law School, he briefly worked in private practice before running for state representative.

He served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2010 until 2016 and received national attention for defending Florida’s controversial “stand-your-ground law” during the aftermath of the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012. In 2016, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and was reelected in 2018 and 2020.

In late 2020, the Department of Justice opened an investigation into allegations that Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl in violation of federal sex trafficking laws, which Gaetz denied. In April 2021, the House Ethics Committee also announced an investigation.

Gaetz’s father was stationed in the Florida State Senate from 2006 to 2016, covering sections of Northwest Florida and acting as Senate President from 2012 to 2014. Stanley Jerome (Jerry) Gaetz, Gaetz’s grandpa, was the mayor of Rugby, North Dakota, and ran for lieutenant governor of North Dakota at the North Dakota Republican Party county convention in 1964 when he died of heart failure. Gaetz is a descendant of Phillip Goetz, who immigrated to Minnesota from Germany in 1838 and was called after his great-grandfather Matthias Louis Gaetz.

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Gaetz worked for the Fort Walton Beach law firm Keefe, Anchors & Gordon (now AnchorsGordon)after graduating from William & Mary Law School.

He was voted to the United States House of Representatives in 2016 and reelected in 2018 and 2020. Gaetz disputed charges that he had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old girl in breach of the law sex trafficking laws when the Department of Justice started an inquiry in late 2020. The House Ethics Committee announced a probe in April 2021.

Gaetz attended Niceville High School and lived near Fort Walton Beach. He earned a Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary sciences from Florida State University in 2003 and a Juris Doctorate from William & Mary Law School in 2007. On February 6, 2008, Gaetz was enrolled at the Florida Bar.  Gaetz was barred from practicing law in Florida in October 2021 owing to outstanding fees.

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What Is The Controversy About?


On Wednesday, Some people were far from outraged when Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz compared the battle for reproductive choice to over-educated, under-loved millennials who tragically returned from marches to a solitary frozen supper with their cats, and no bumble matches.

Matt Gaetz is a poster child for the GOP’s insane culture war. He ticks multiple boxes of the hypocrisy typical among some of the GOP’s moral guardians as a far-right extremist currently being investigated for sex crimes. It’s no wonder, then, that he delivered the best summary of the socially conservative right’s response to the recent wave of pro-choice demonstrations.

On Wednesday morning, Gaetz inquired on Twitter on how many of the women protesting the repeal of Roe are over-educated, under-loved millennials who sadly return home from protests to a lonely microwave dinner with their cats and no bumble matches?

The basic premise is that feminists are miserable hags, while only conservative women are happy and also have children. Over years, conservatives wanting immediate influence have used this mantra to virtue-signal their commitment to “traditional” values while condemning their political adversaries.

Initial demonstrations against Donald Trump’s presidency, such as the 2017 Women’s March, triggered a wave of obnoxious or misogynistic messages from GOP officials, fueled by the former president’s long history of sexist remarks. Misogyny in the Republican Party is nothing new or unusual; the GOP had made restricting women’s rights a de facto policy for years before Trump entered office.

Gaetz’s original phrase has several recognizable themes. “Over-educated” conjures images of “Marxist” universities. To appease baby boomers who believe the era they damaged is fragile and pompous, he uses the term “millennials.” Feminists are mocked in the song “Lonely microwave dinner with their pets.”

It is indeed basic stuff, but it succeeds since, as much of the GOP’s various evenly social media platforms, it enables spectators to reject protest marches as the irrational actions of a small minority, enabling them to reject the players as human beings with opinions and experiences that matter.

Since Gaetz uploaded the post on Wednesday morning, it has been highly criticized. The right has spent a long time attempting to deflect critiques of its widespread sexism. For example, at an event in North Carolina in early April, Trump said that a GOP-led Congress would “stop the terrible assault on women and children,” alleging that the left, not the right, was attacking women’s freedoms, characterized as “parental rights” and “parental choice.”


Thus, Gaetz’s tweet serves as a suitable access point to all of these issues. Abortion, LGBTQ rights, and social equality are all bundled under the same umbrella of “CRT-Marxism-Trans,” a propaganda machine promoted by Antifa witches and ugly, depressed feminists who don’t match the conservative family ideal.

As such a revolutionary popular uprising takes to the streets, the goal will be to transform what people are truly protesting for – secure abortion on demand — into a recognizable enemy that their followers are used to hating. It makes no difference if many of these causes are quite popular in the United States. Gaetz and the GOP are well aware that fundamental authority is swung in their favor, and all they have to do is sneer at those seeking to change who is in charge.

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