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What Happened On Day 71 Of Russia-Ukraine War?

Some of the key events of the Russia-Ukraine war on Day 71 are:

Russia-Ukraine War

  • As per Ukrainian authorities, Russian forces were fighting for control of the last Ukrainian stronghold in the embattled city of Mariupol: According to Ukrainian sources, Russian forces are ready for a march in the devastated coastal city of Mariupol, removing trash from a bombed-out theatre that served as the city’s main shelter before it was demolished seven weeks ago in one of the war’s worst attacks. At the outset, city authorities believed that the March 16 bombing killed up to 300 people. Based on the accounts of survivors and rescue personnel, an Associated Press investigation published Wednesday put the number of people dead at nearly double that. The report also included floor drawings for the Mariupol Drama Theater, as well as images and videos recorded before and after the attack. Before the missile attack, a white flag was hung from the roof, and the word “children” was painted in Russian on the ground on two sides.
  • With a gradual oil embargo, the European Union recommended the harshest steps against Moscow until now.
  • As per a Ukrainian commander, Ukrainian forces inside Mariupol‘s Azovstal steel factory are fighting “tough, brutal engagements” against Russia.
  • In course of the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia launched a three ceasefire at the besieged steel complex to allow residents to flee: The Russian soldiers had broken the cease-fire they had committed on Thursday morning. Furthermore, Svyatoslav Palamar, deputy leader of the Azov Regiment, a nationalist organization in the steel factory, said that a serious, brutal battle was taking place in a video shared on Telegram, accusing Russia of violating the cease-fire. At the trapped factory, hundreds of fighters and civilians are feared to be trapped. Concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin may use Victory Day to increase and expand his attacks — or to reinforce his domestic narrative that Moscow is succeeding in what the Kremlin has described as a “special military operation” to demilitarise Ukraine — are spreading.
  • The United States has provided intelligence that has helped Ukrainian forces kill about 12 Russian generals: The US army is giving “simplified” education to Ukrainian troops so that they can understand how to operate machinery they’ve been provided and share what they’ve learned with their colleagues. The 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, also known as the “Gator Brigade,” was repositioned from Florida to Germany, where they trained Ukrainian troops on how to utilize multiple weaponry. Military sources said at a Pentagon conference Wednesday that while the Ukrainians are proficient with their own equipment, they are being taught about the new equipment they’ve been sent. Last month, the US stated that it would send 155 mm artillery pieces, radar defensive systems, and Claymore anti-personnel mines to Ukraine for the very first time. They claimed that the purpose was to send Ukrainian soldiers back into combat as quickly as possible, with the expertise to instruct others in their military. Brig. Gen. Joseph Hilbert characterized the Ukrainians being instructed as “extremely motivated, incredibly professional, and they’re doing really well with the training that we’re offering, and I’m quite a confidence in their ability as they go forward.” The training cost about $126 million and includes “as realistic scenarios as possible through the use of simulators, training gadgets, and training materials,” according to Hilbert.

russia vs uk

  • Russia may attempt to exaggerate the danger that Belarusian military drills offer in an attempt to attract Ukrainian soldiers north of the country and away from attacking the Donbas, as per the UK defense ministry.
  • Russia is also attempting to speed up its attack in eastern Ukraine. According to Russia’s defense ministry, six railway stations used to transport Western weaponry have been shut down.

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Training With Nuclear-Capable Missiles
  • During war scenarios in Kaliningrad, an overseas territory on the Baltic Sea between EU members Poland and Lithuania, Russia alleges to have conducted fake nuclear-capable missile attacks.
Casualties Of Children
  • In the Russia-Ukraine war, 221 children have died and 408 have been injured since Russia’s assault on Ukraine began, as per Ukraine’s prosecutor.
Diplomatic Relations
  • On May 9, the Kremlin refused that President Vladimir Putin would launch an attack on Ukraine and called for national mobilization. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is termed a “special military operation.”
  • President of the European Council, Charles Michel, has promised to expand EU military help to Moldova, Ukraine’s neighbor, which has been hit by a series of attacks in a pro-Moscow separatist territory.

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Impact On Economy

russia vs ukraine

  • The planned EU boycott on Russian imported oil, which must be agreed upon by member states, sent oil prices surging. In reply, the Kremlin said it was contemplating various options. According to Germany, prices could skyrocket.
  • The Czech Republic and Bulgaria will ask for waivers from the prohibition, while Hungary and Slovakia believe they will require three years to adjust.
  • President Biden of the United States said he will visit with leaders of the G7 major countries this week to discuss more penalties.
  • Last year, the number of people facing acute food insecurity climbed by a fifth to 193 million. According to the UN, the situation in Ukraine will deteriorate.
United Nations Views On Hunger

According to a United Nations assessment, the number of individuals facing acute food insecurity surged by about 25% last year and is likely to increase again in 2022, due in part to the fallout from the Ukraine conflict.

According to the Global Network Against Food Crises, which involves the United Nations, the European Union, and other organizations, about 193 million people will be “acutely food insecure” in 2021. That they were unable to get sufficient food to live and/or continue their livelihoods at a certain point and need immediate assistance. In 2020, the group estimates 155 million people.

The roughly 25% rise should be viewed with care, per the analysis, because the base demographic used to determine the fraction of people who are food insecure expanded as well.

According to the research, conflict or insecurity was the leading driver of acute hunger in 2020 and 2021. Millions more people are food insecure in Ukraine, as well as in countries that import grain, fertilizer, and other commodities from Ukraine or Russia. Exports and agricultural output are disrupted by the war, and prices soar.

According to the survey, most countries experiencing food import difficulties get at least 10% of their wheat from Russia or Ukraine.

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