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United States Helped Ukraine To Sink Moskva

The US provided intelligence that assisted Ukraine in sinking the Russian warship Moskva, according to sources. The US confirmed that it was the Moskva and assisted in its finding. Ukraine then launched two missiles at it.

According to those familiar with the situation, the US gave Ukraine intel that aided Kyiv’s strike and destroyed Russia’s Black Sea fleet’s flagship, the Moskva, in one of the war’s most remarkable combat victories.

From these sources, the missile strike by Ukrainian forces in April, which robbed Russia of a crucial warship in its military campaign, would not have been feasible without US assistance, highlighting how deeply Washington has been involved in Ukraine’s war against Russia. Although the exact number of Russian sailors killed in the attack is unknown, US authorities believe there were multiple deaths.

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According to a US official, who provide information on the Moskva, the US had “no prior knowledge” of Ukraine’s plan to fight the warship. As per the source, the US government shares maritime awareness with Ukraine in order to assist the country in defending itself against threats. Russian ships in the Black Sea have started firing weapons at Ukraine, and the source believes they might be used to support an amphibious invasion of the nation.

The Biden administration has taken intelligence sharing with Ukraine as a high priority since the outbreak of the war. Officials have stressed that they only offer aid to help Ukraine protect itself, fearing that providing intelligence used in assaults may be used by Russia as the reason for retaliating directly against the US and its supporters.

President Biden has rejected any sending US soldiers to Ukraine, imposing a no-fly zone over the nation, or providing specific types of equipment, such as fighter jets, that could enable Ukraine to strike within Russia, in order to prevent triggering a wider confrontation between two nuclear-armed superpowers.

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As per National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson, the United States supplies combat intelligence to help the Ukrainians protect their homeland. But they don’t supply intelligence with the goal of assassinating Russian generals. This is a legal difference that may not significant to Russian officials in reality. The Russian military is fully aware that the United States, the United Kingdom, and NATO as a whole are regularly transferring intelligence and other data to the Ukrainian armed forces according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

In comparison to prior wars in which the US cooperated closely with allies to carry out attacks, intelligence-sharing with Ukraine is unique. For example, during the 2008 US-led push in Iraq, the US military cooperated with Iraqi troops to track down and destroy terrorists and insurgents using cellular phone data collected by the National Security Agency. In Africa’s counter-terrorism operations, the intel agencies have given intelligence agencies the capacity to trace terrorists’ telephones in order to capture or kill them.

If Ukraine receives intel and then chooses to take action for the security of the nation, the US did not offer “specific” information that instructed the Ukrainians on whom and who to strike.


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According to US and Ukrainian authorities, as the war has advanced, the US has increased the power and speed of intellect it provides. Some Ukrainian authorities claimed in the initial periods of the war that news about Russian troop positions was sluggish to receive and wrong, making it hard for the Ukrainians to launch attacks.

According to one senior Ukrainian official, information is now coming in “real-time” and has shown to be a significant facilitator of the Ukrainian war. According to US and European sources, the US has supplied Ukraine with a substantial amount of satellite images and information concerning the Russian military, some of which are based on intelligence information.

The US also took attempts to give intel on Russian forces in the country’s east and south that had not been accessible prior to the attack. Officials say Washington suppressed the intelligence as it could have aided Ukraine in launching military actions on Russian and rebel forces on Ukrainian territory controlled since 2014.

Prior to the attack, on Feb. 24, the Biden administration released and publicly disclosed intelligence, including satellite photographs, that showed a huge buildup of Russian forces around Ukraine’s border in what appeared to be attack preparations.

The US is not acting alone in assisting Ukraine.


According to a European intelligence officer, Baltic intelligence services have played a particularly important role in assisting Ukraine with information regarding the Russian military in the country’s eastern regions. As Russia’s military focus shifts to the region, the flow of assistance has become increasingly important in recent weeks.

The Baltic aid has been centered mostly on intercepted communications of phone calls and another field of battle communications within the Russian military, while it also includes intellect assessment based on those nations’ deep experience with Russia’s troops and strategic planning, the official said. Outsiders can listen in on the chats and use the signal position to locate the soldiers for strikes since Russian officers and soldiers interact with each other using unencrypted cellphones and walkie-talkies.

According to the European official, the Baltic intel contribution supports US assistance to Ukraine, which has been centered on southern Ukraine and the Black Sea region.

After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and fostered a separatist struggle in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region, Ukraine engaged in domestic anti-ship missile developments.

However, the Ukrainians have a very limited quantity. Neptune has been tested for a long, but the Luch Design Bureau, which makes the weapon in Ukraine, is only now ready to deliver the first operational Neptune systems to Ukrainian forces this year. The missiles were fired against a symbolically significant target for the Ukrainians.

Russia first tried to hide the Ukrainian strike on the Moskva. A fire broke out aboard the ship, prompting the passengers to evacuate, according to the Russian military. Later, Russian authorities said the crash happened while being pulled back to port during a storm.

In the early days of the conflict against Ukraine, the Moskva played a role.

Firstly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed that the Ukrainian border officials had been shot dead, but in March, Ukraine’s legislature stated that they had been taken prisoner and later released in a prisoner swap.

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