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Trump Declares A Civil War Post Buffalo Incident

Donald Trump supported a remark on his own social media network, Truth Social, last Saturday by a member who was either asking for or forecasting a “civil war” in reaction to an “enemy within” the United States. A week before, in Buffalo, a suspected white supremacist terrorist massacred ten African-Americans. His “manifesto” reflects the same core ideas and ideals as Trump and the Republican Party today.

That after that occurrence, America’s major news media and other public voices, for even the most part, simply refuse to report the uncensored truth about Trump and the Republicans’ threats to American society and liberty.

“I suppose they had a horrific tragedy in Buffalo with several individuals being slain,” Donald Trump addressed a rally gathering in Austin, Texas, just hours after the Buffalo assault. He then made the egotistical assertion that “we lost nothing in Afghanistan in 18 months.” That isn’t correct.

Trump places a higher priority on trying to take credit for his fictitious achievements as president than on paying respect to innocent people slain in a domestic terror attack. Trump uttered nothing expressing condolences and did not show up saddened by the death toll.

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“I love you folks madly,” aging right-wing rocker Ted Nugent said earlier in the Austin gathering, “but I’d adore you even more if you walked forward and just went wild on the heads of the Democrats, Marxists, and communists.” Democrats, he added, are “enemies of America.”

This fits into a broader trend of unpredictable terrorism and explicit political violence threats.

In speeches, Donald Trump has claimed that nonwhite migrants and refugees are “invaders” seeking to take over America and commit serious crimes against “genuine” (i.e., white) Americans.

He frequently claims that the “traditional family” (i.e., white right-wing Christians) is being attacked by “awake” or “political correctness” Democrats and other “un-American” forces. With his race-war dreams, he has incited right-wing violent conflicts, saying that if he is tried for his crimes, his supporters should march on major cities to exact retribution.

Trump claims that the 2020 presidential election was “taken” from him by Black and brown people and their Democratic supporters, repeating the Big Lie that he is still president. Trump lauds the terrorists who launched a fatal attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 as part of his coup attempt. He threatens violence against Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and other top Democrats, channeling the antisemitic QAnon conspiracy theory.

He adopted the Neo-Confederate Lost Cause doctrine and its myth that the South was fighting for a noble and honorable purpose when it launched a disastrous civil war to keep Black people enslaved as human property for all time. He has warned his supporters that they may have no choice but to fight and die in order to safeguard their children and families from the white supremacist bogeyman known as “critical race theory.”


Donald Trump’s vocabulary, morals, and views are based on the same white supremacist vision that created the Buffalo murder, as well as the killings in El Paso and Pittsburgh, as well as the Charlottesville spree in 2017.

In any case, many prominent members of the “conservative” organization convened in Hungary last year for the first Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) session conducted in Europe.

They joined forces with individuals of the neofascist worldwide from Europe and other parts of the world. Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, has become an idol and great inspiration for the far right, having steadily curtailed free speech and imposed a pseudo-democratic system known as “competition authoritarianism.”

The Republican fascists and their movement are working feverishly — and so far, quite successfully — in the United States to apply Orbán’s teachings.

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The mainstream news media was again hesitant to issue constant warnings to the American public about just the increasing fascist danger to democracy, which is now worldwide in scope.

If “blowback” is a phrase used in international relations and intelligence to indicate “unintended repercussions of the United States government’s worldwide operations that have been kept hidden from the American people,” right-wing terrorism’s rise and expansion in the Trump era is the polar opposite. These occurrences are visible, public, and easily foreseen, if not unavoidable. They are currently taking place in real-time.

Due to a major deep desire for “normalcy” and a healthy dose of self-delusion, America’s major media and much of the political class have purposefully played down the existential threat that Donald Trump, the Republican-fascist motion, and the larger white right pose to American society and democracy.

Indeed, the general populace is to fault for choosing deliberate blindness and denial over the impotent conviction or hope that someone, somewhere — but certainly not them — will address America’s issues.

Another unsettling reality is that many Americans feel separated and disconnected from politics and society as a whole. Democracy is a hollow concept to them, with no meaning and purpose in life.

That assumption isn’t completely irrational: For years, incomes and earnings have been static or declining, putting the American Dream in jeopardy. Coming generations are worse off than those who came before them. More than a million Americans have died as a result of the COVID pandemic, which has no clear end in sight. The social safety net is in shambles, and the integrity of America’s social and political institutions is in danger.

This disparity is aggravated by the reality that wealth drives American politics, and business executives and oligarchs have a greater effect on the general American’s daily life than representative government and democracy.

If many people in the United States are wondering what democracy has done for them recently, the Democratic Party and its officials have failed to provide a clear and convincing explanation. That hole is being filled by Trump and the Republican fascists.

When it comes to interpreting this mounting crisis, however, leading news media personalities and other power brokers depend on traditional, inadequate, or failed narratives and theoretical frames.

As a result, we get horserace journalism, a concern with affiliations and whether Trump’s favored candidate is winning or losing the battle of the day, or the scandal of the minute. The 24/7 news cycle is full of boredom and detail masquerading as crises or “breaking news,” with very little effort made to convey the knowledge, perspective, and structure required to comprehend the fascist civil war.


The American major media, commentators, and far too many other members of the commentariat regard politics as a form of horserace, with one of the horses being death, pettiness, chaos, devastation, and wickedness.

In the Age of Trump and even beyond, the horserace itself, as well as the consequences of winning and losing, are fundamentally different. Yet, far too many public voices in the country, including the mainstream press and the political elite as a whole, continue to act as if everything is OK and this is just a little more stressed form of business as usual.

As events unfold in America, regular folk, those ordinary people, will be unable to fool themselves or in any way protect themselves from the fact of this new American civil war.

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