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Texicanas Season 2: Will Texicanas Return for a Season Two on Bravo?

Texicanas, are about six sophisticated San Antonio women balancing their social and family lives. Because each of these featured women is from Mexico and now lives in Texas,

Penny (arguably the nucleus of the friend group) “narrates” Texicanas; she begins the show by teasing us with a story about a girl’s trip gone horribly wrong. “It was meant to be fun,” she tells producers. The rest of the show will ostensibly lead up to the bitterly divisive girls’ trip Penny describes, but the premiere of Texicanas is mostly about setting the scene.

The women explain early on that San Antonio, Texas, is a haven for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, with a large community of Mexican expatriates and immigrants. Interestingly, the women identify as “Hispanic,” “Mexicana,” and “Latina”—as Texicanas explains, there is no single label that can define the experience of a Mexican woman living in the United States.

When Will the Second Season of Texicanas Premiere?

Season 1 of ‘Texicanas’ premiered on Bravo on May 7, 2019. The network hoped that the show would receive a positive response similar to the network’s other Mexico-centric show, ‘Mexican Dynasties.‘ ‘Texicanas’ gives us a glimpse into the bustling city life as well as insights into the rich culture, glamour, and traditions of the community by focusing on the thriving Mexican culture in San Antonio, Texas.

texicanas season 2

Despite the best efforts of the cast and crew, the show has not been well received by American audiences. As a result, the likelihood of another season is slim. The show’s easygoing nature, similar to The Real Housewives, works in its favor, but it may not be enough to warrant another season. If the show is renewed, we will update this section with the season 2 release date for ‘Texicanas.’

Who is in the Cast of Texicanas?

Let us now look at the main members of this glamorous sisterhood of Mexican-American females.

The narrator of this reality series is Penny Ayarzagoitia, who was born in the United States but raised in Mexico. By placing her in the midst of all the drama, the entire story unfolds through her eyes. She and her husband own a successful real estate company, have a stripper pole in their living room, and have two sons.

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Mayra Farret, the de-facto perfectionist, was born and raised in Mexico and works in finance. She moved to San Antonio with her husband Fernando after working in a high-profile job in Monterrey.

Lorena Martinez, who was born in Texas, grew up in Reynosa, Mexico. She married at the age of 19 to Ignacio, who owns a construction company and is the family matriarch.

Anayancy Nolasco is a single mother who was born in Mexico and is currently seeking US citizenship. She is the only member of the cast who does not have this tag. She came to San Francisco for college and is now settled here with her daughter Ellie.

texicanas season 2

Karla Ramirez, a Brownsville, Texas native, lives in San Antonio with her half Greek, half Mexican husband. The couple has two sons and has won a number of business ventures.

Luz Ortiz was born in Arizona but grew up in Sonora, Mexico. She married at the age of 23, has three children, and is currently divorced. She is a real estate agent and the owner of a successful boxing gym that lives in San Antonio.

What is the Plot of Texicanas?

After its announcement, ‘Texicanas’ was thought to be just another ‘Real Housewives’ spinoff. However, this is not entirely correct. It has a slightly different layout. Through Penny Ayarzagoitia’s narration, we get to see the melodramas in these ladies’ lives.

It follows Ayarzagoitia and her gang of girls as they navigate their lives, which are filled with elements of fun, relationships, family issues, and professional difficulties. We learn about the various incidents that cause relationships to unfold and reveal how friends can become enemies through her eyes. Furthermore, the show chronicles the daring spirit of these ladies who are always up for a good time.

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They know how to make the most of their getaways, from afternoon margaritas to poolside mariachi parties and lavish night outs.

‘Texicanas,’ of course, has its fair share of catfights and superficial extravaganza. Our ladies don’t mince words between yacht parties, pole-dancing workouts, and shooting ranges. For those of you who enjoy drama, you’ve seen a lot of chaos, ranging from blatant accusations to off-limit flirting and ugly arguments.

According to Bravo’s official synopsis, the show is about “a true sisterhood” where “they lean on one another for advice and keep each other honest.” The show also delves into how these ladies balance the demands of American culture while also attempting to honor their Mexican roots, heritage, and traditions. After all, it is this shared cultural bond that binds the women together in the first place.

“Texicanas” Summary

A fashionable group of San Antonio sophisticates of Mexican descent attempt to balance their social lives with the demands of raising a family. But it’s their shared experience of dealing with the ongoing challenges of American culture while still finding ways to honor their heritage and traditions that bind these ladies in a way that goes beyond friendship.

Frequently asked questions

Is There a San Antonio Version of Real Housewives?

Penny Ayarzagoitia, Mayra Farret, Lorena Martinez, Anayancy Nolasco, Karla Ramirez, and Luz Ortiz, a stylish group of San Antonio sophisticates, try to balance their social lives and the demands of raising a family in the series.

Did Mexican Dynasties Get Cancelled?

Bravo has canceled Mexican Dynasties after one season. Jenny Allende, one of the stars of the series, took to Instagram to reveal that the network has decided against airing a second season of the show.

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