Delhi reached final after defeating Hyderabad

Yes, while batting first, Gabbar i.e. Shikhar Dhawan’s brilliant 78 runs and Hetmyer’s 22-ball brilliant 42 runs, he scored 189 runs by losing 3 wickets in his prescribed 20 overs on the basis of a fast-paced innings, although today Hyderabad has a poor filing. Ka also got Delhi as Hyderabad left 3 easy catches in the team, due to which Delhi was able to reach 189, if Hyderabad was as much as this match, then all eyes on captain David Warner were hit more than 550 runs this entire season. Was engaged but Delhi’s Shan Rabada got Warner out for 2 and laid the foundation for Delhi’s victory but when Williamson and Samad hit 50 runs from just 28 balls, the match was quite exciting.

But Stonis caught Williamson out to bring Delhi back into the match but after that, as Samad hit a six in the over of Rabada, the hopes of Hyderabad increased because then it needed about 23 runs on 12 balls but Rabada toe veteran Not only did he break the hopes of Hyderabad by dismissing Samad but also took 3 wickets from 3 balls, although he missed a hat-trick due to a deep wide throw in the middle, but also winning this match in Delhi, where he will face Mumbai in the final for the first time. So that they would like to take revenge for the title by defeating them in the final in a qualifier match in the final, while Mumbai would like to become the most successful team by winning the 2019 title in 2020.

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