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Silicon Valley’s competing philosophies on tech ethics with The Novel Yorker’s Andrew Marantz

Silicon Valley’s competing philosophies on tech ethics with The Novel Yorker’s Andrew Marantz
“If Silicon Valley is going to keep telling itself the story that the only uses of their technology will be the most optimistic, the most hopeful, the most salubrious, the most prosocial,” New Yorker staff writer Andrew Marantz told me in Part 1 of this recent conversation for Extra Crunch, “you can try to rebut…

“If Silicon Valley is going to retract telling itself the parable that the utterly makes exercise of of their technology will seemingly be doubtlessly the most optimistic, doubtlessly the most hopeful, doubtlessly the most salubrious, doubtlessly the most prosocial,” Novel Yorker team creator Andrew Marantz told me in Phase 1 of this most modern dialog for Additional Crunch, “you can try to rebut that logically, otherwise you can simply disprove it by exhibiting a if truth be told glaring counterexample. If any individual is going spherical and asserting, ‘all swans are white,’ you can argue in opposition to that logically, otherwise you can simply level to them a sad swan.”

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Marantz, a vivid and eclectic creator, has in most modern years trained his consideration on the tech world and its contribution to social unrest in the US and previous. He has simply published a brand unusual e-book, “Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians, and the Hijacking of the American Conversation“, which, along with most modern Novel Yorker essays rising on the e-book’s topics, is whisk to provoke debate.

In fragment 2 of our dialog below, we focus on the Alt-Moral and White Nationalists in tech and politics; Silicon Valley spirituality at present time; competing philosophies of tech ethics; and more.

Greg Epstein: Whenever you search at the alt-upright later that year and in 2017, I myself spent quite a bit of time poring over these figures like Richard Spencer and Gavin McInnes, and their movies, and their writings, and no matter pondering, ‘These guys are if truth be told taking over our society upright now.

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