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On Snake Island, Russians Beef Up Their Air Defenses

The “special military operation” launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin into neighboring Ukraine began on February 24, with Russian forces entering from Belarus to the northern and Russia to the eastern side. According to US authorities, Ukrainian troops have shown “strong resistance.”

Since then, the Russian military has begun a full-scale ground attack in eastern Ukraine’s contentious Donbas area, taking the important port city of Mariupol and ensuring a maritime passage to the Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow has seized.

British government officials have highlighted bureaucracy, training restrictions, and an ever-changing security situation as reasons why the West is taking much longer than it otherwise would deploy arms to Ukraine.

President Zelensky reiterated his plea for anti-ship weapons to ensure the safe transit of grain exports stranded in Ukraine as Russia beefs up its air defense weapons on Snake Island to defend its ships in the Black Sea. His forces — and freighters — are horribly vulnerable without them.

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Authorities in the United States have ordered the grounding of two planes owned by a Russian businessman

Federal authorities say their operator, Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, breached US sanctions by flying the jets to Moscow in March. Any airplane built in the United States that wishes to fly to Russia must first obtain a license. A Russian national who owns, controls, charters, or leases an aircraft is likewise prohibited from flying to Russia under the restrictions.

“There were no permits applied for or issued. There was no licensing exception accessible, for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that both the Boeing and the Gulfstream were owned and/or controlled by a Russian citizen: Roman Abramovich “According to an affidavit justifying a search request.

According to the declaration, the Boeing plane is one of the most costly private planes in the world, valued at $350 million.

On Snake Island, Russians have beefed up its air defenses

The UK Ministry of Defense said Monday in an intelligence report that Russia has probably transferred various air defense capabilities to Snake Island in the western Black Sea, possibly SA-15 and SA-22 missile systems.

The action comes after the destruction of the Russian warship Moskva, the Black Sea Fleet’s flagship.

“These missiles are most likely meant to provide air defense for Russian navy warships operating near Snake Island,” the ministry noted. “Russia’s presence on Snake Island adds to Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s coast and obstructs the restoration of sea trade, particularly grain exports from Ukraine.”

In the initial periods of the assault, Russian forces grabbed Snake Island in Ukraine, where Ukrainian soldiers protecting the tiny islet famously told an advancing Russian vessel to go to hell. Efforts by the Ukrainian military to recover the previously insignificant territory have been unsuccessful.

Furthermore, severe violence continues in the war-torn city of Sieverodonetsk in eastern Ukraine’s disputed Donbas region, as per the ministry.

“As part of their planned encirclement of Ukrainian forces, Russian soldiers continue to march towards Sloviansk,” the ministry said.

As per the ministry, Russian air-launched cruise missiles attacked transportation infrastructure in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, early Sunday, “presumably in an attempt [to] impede the supply of Western military weapons to frontline Ukrainian soldiers.”

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Missiles fired by Russia are aimed at Kyiv

After a five-week year of relative peace in Kyiv, Russian rockets struck the Ukrainian capital on Sunday, as Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened attacks on “new targets” if the US follows through it on plans to arm Ukraine with longer-range weapons.

The battle is currently in its “hot phase,” according to Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar, and “taking Kyiv is still Russia’s top goal.”

Several Russian cruise missiles crashed into a railway maintenance plant in Kyiv’s Darnytskyy area, according to an ABC News crew. When the ABC News crew came, one of the buildings was still on fire. Another missile strike nearby landed a creator on a concrete path.

Ukrainian authorities took several hours to allow reporters access to the location, claiming that the area needed to be cleaned for safety first.

According to the Russians, the strike on Darnystskyy resulted in the destruction of armored trucks and weaponry. The missiles were claimed to have hit a railway repair plant where no tanks were housed, according to Ukrainian officials.

On Russian television on Sunday, Putin warned the West against equipping Ukraine with high-powered missile weapons. If the West follows through, he claims, Russia will strike “new targets they haven’t targeted before.”

Putin has threatened strikes if the West provides longer-range missiles

If the West began arming Ukraine with longer-range missiles, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened that Russian forces would hit new targets.

“However, if they [missiles] are launched, we will draw the appropriate conclusions and use our own weapons, which we have in sufficient amounts to carry out strikes on targets we haven’t yet struck,” Putin said.

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