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Protestors Against Roe vs Wade Gather Around Arizona Capitol Building

Officials claim that tear gas was used to disperse demonstrators outside the Arizona Capitol building.

Protesters and others in favor of the decision gathered before the high court’s building in Washington, DC, as well as in other locations throughout the country, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday, stating that there is no more a federal constitutionally protected right to an abortion.

Following the announcement of the ruling, people in Washington, DC, started to assemble in front of the Supreme Court, and as the day went on, the size of the masses increased. Many protesting visitors adjusted their travel arrangements to express their disapproval of the decision.

A truck driver struck numerous nonviolent demonstrators for abortion rights in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who were primarily women. One woman was taken to the hospital after the truck rolled over her ankle, Police stated the victim’s wounds were not severe.

Videos that were disturbingly posted on social media showed the truck striking a number of demonstrators as a sizable crowd crossed the street.

According to CNN’s investigation, similar protests are scheduled for this weekend from across the nation. The events are being organized by groups including Planned Parenthood, Bans Off Our Bodies, and Women’s March.

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Police in Arizona deployed tear gas late on Friday to separate a crowd of pro-abortion rights demonstrators outside of the State Capitol in Phoenix.

After a statue was destroyed, police sprayed tear gas at the Wesley Bolin Plaza, where the crowd had gone across the street, according to Graves.

Democratic Arizona State Representative Sarah Liguori tweeted from inside the facility, “While working inside we were stopped by the sound of bangs and smell of tear gas.” “Protesters cleared from the Capitol,” she continued.

According to posts on their websites, a number of abortion providers in Arizona said they prematurely halted abortion services because there was no clear legal position on the issue.

Republican Arizona State Representative Justin Wilmeth tweeted that the lawmakers had been working on a few policy proposals when they heard the demonstrators.
“According to what I overheard, several people damaged or banged on Senate windows before DPS fired smoke bombs at the gathering to clear them. pure mayhem for a while, “Wilmeth posted on Twitter.

Protests took place outside the Supreme Court

A “small handful of people walked to the streets with the goal of generating disruption and devastation,” according to the LAPD, even though the majority of these people were nonviolent.

According to the LAPD, they made one arrest in the downtown area at about 9:50 p.m. after being “attacked by the crowd throwing pyrotechnics and other homemade weapons.”

Around 11 p.m., according to the police, the majority of the protesters left without additional incident; whether anyone was hurt is still being investigated.

One person in the nation’s capital led demonstrators in front of the Supreme Court in chanting “Call and response of “My body! ” followed by “Hands off! Hands off!” My decision!”One woman called the choice an outrage, according to CNN station WJLA.”It is unlawful. Restrictions on abortion are illegal, “explained the woman. “Motherhood that is forced is immoral.”

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Protesters urged attendees to support pro-abortion causes by making a donation and buying abortion pills to give to others. In front of the Supreme Court, opponents of abortion rights were also there. When the verdict was announced, a man who was surrounded by signs that read, “Roe is dead” and “I am the post-Roe generation,” splashed champagne into the air above the other people who were jubilant.

Several dozen opponents of abortion rights were present at the location in the afternoon, but by the evening it seemed that they had dispersed from the gathering.

Thousands of protesters walked and yelled in the streets of Greenwich Village, New York. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was the target of one of the shouts that used the f-word. There were some anti-abortion activists at the rally, but they kept to themselves, and the CNN crew did not witness any altercations as they marched alongside the demonstrators.

Demonstrators in Los Angeles blocked traffic as the 110 Freeway passed through the city’s center. The demonstrators claimed they were showing their concern and support for women in other states, even though abortion will still be legal in California.

In Atlanta, several hundred protestors from two separate gatherings converged in front of the Capitol. Almost everyone present was against the choice. Where one group started its march a few miles away, a CNN crew noticed one counter-protester.

In Austin, Texas, a sizable throng assembled in front of a federal courthouse. The majority of the stories people shared on the microphone were ones of dread and annoyance. A sign that said, “Pro-life is a fraud, they don’t care if we die” was among those carried by some.
An abortion rights campaigner in Washington, DC, scaled the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge, which was later closed.

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