On January 6, Trump Punched Secret Service Agent Attempting to Enter The Capitol

Trump attacked a Secret Service member after being informed he couldn’t visit the Capitol on January 6, according to an aide.

  • An ex-White House official claimed that on January 6, 2021, when ex-President Donald Trump was informed he could not be escorted to the U.S. Capitol, he rushed at a Secret Service agent in a limousine.
  • I’m the president, so lead me right away to the Capitol, please! According to Cassidy Hutchinson, who was recounting what she was informed transpired in the limo that day, Trump persisted.
  • Hutchinson, who supported Mark Meadows, the top aide in the Trump White House, told the select committee hearing looking into the Capitol disturbance about the event.
  • After pushing supporters at a rally to “battle” against the ratification of President Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory, Trump felt compelled to visit the Capitol that day.

An ex-White House aide testified on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump attacked a Secret Service member in the presidential limousine when he was informed on January 6, 2021, that he could not be brought to the U.S. Capitol.

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I’m the president, so lead me right away to the Capitol, please! As per Cassidy Hutchinson, a White House official, Trump relied on what Tony Ornato, another adviser, had informed her had happened in the limo that day.

The Justice Department has charged Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and others who assisted in leading the attack on Congress with obstructing an official process, attempting to disrupt the recording of electoral votes, and attempting to hinder an official court action.

Trump “fraudulently attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021,” a federal judge in California said in March. Cipollone’s caution sounds like proof that Trump understood his plan to pressure Pence to reject certifying the result was unlawful, particularly if he gave it directly to him.

During a hastily planned session of the select House committee looking into the violence on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol, Hutchinson, who worked as a top staffer to Mark Meadows, the chief of staff in the Trump White House, recounted the momentous episode for the very first time.

Following his speech to supporters at a rally outside the White House, where he urged them to walk with him to Congress and “fight” against the continuing verification of President Joe Biden’s election success, Trump intended to visit the Capitol that day.

Trump’s attorneys at the White House, however, were adamantly opposed to him doing so for concern that it may result in accusations of instigating a riot or meddling with the Electoral College’s certification procedure.

According to Hutchinson’s testimony, Pat Cipollone, the White House lawyer at the time, cautioned the staff that if Trump visited the Capitol, “we’re likely to get prosecuted with each and every offense possible.”

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She added, though, that Meadows had left Trump with the notion that going to the Capitol was still a possibility and was likely to happen after his rally came to a close.

The president’s security detail commander, Secret Service Special Agent Bobby Engel, followed Trump inside “The Beast,” the presidential limousine.


Hutchinson quoted Ornato as saying, “And once the President had gotten into the car with Bobby, he thought that they were heading up to the Capitol, and when Bobby had conveyed to him, we’re not you don’t have the resources to do it.”

Trump was informed by Engel, “It’s not secure. We’re returning to the West Wing,” stated Hutchinson.

“The president’s reaction to that was very forceful and enraged. She testified that Tony described him as being angry.

She said that Trump allegedly said, “I’m the effing president, take me up to the Capitol now!”

Trump “reached up at the front of the car to grab for the steering wheel” after Engel again declined, according to the report. “Mr. Engel held his hand and ordered him to remove his hand off the wheel. We’re returning to the West Wing.

According to Hutchinson’s testimony, Trump “then used his free hand to lunge for Bobby Engel.” Hutchinson gestured with his hands at his clavicle when Onato told him this, she claimed.

Hutchinson further claimed that Engel appeared “slightly disoriented” and “confused” when she saw him seated in the White House following the event.

Then on Tuesday, Trump debunked Hutchinson’s story and slammed her in a string of postings on his social media platform.

It wouldn’t have been possible to do such a ludicrous thing, Trump said. “Her Fake claim that I tried to grasp the steering wheel of the White House limousine in order to guide it to the Capitol Building is sick and dishonest, so much like the Unselect Committee themselves.

The chairman of the committee for the hearing on January 6 was Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss. ), who stated in his closing remarks that Hutchinson’s testimony would cause some eyewitnesses who have been reluctant to testify to think again. Nevertheless, Thompson said that she had thwarted Trump’s efforts to conceal the truth: “Your effort to conceal the reality from the American people will collapse because of this strong woman and others like her.”

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