New York’s Governor Approves Legislation Restricting Concealed Gun Carry Laws

Gov. Kathy Hochul made the announcement on Friday night that she had signed the legislation, which was created in response to the recent Supreme Court decision on concealed gun carry laws and was just approved by lawmakers this evening.

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, signed a 10-bill package on Monday that tightens state gun carry laws and shields citizens from gun crime by outlawing semiautomatic firearm sales to anyone under 21 and most civilian sales of body armor. The proposals are the result of rising pressure on legislators to pursue bipartisan gun reform following a string of mass shootings, including one that was racially motivated and left 10 people dead in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York.

“I am delighted to sign a complete bill package that prevents the sale of semiautomatic weapons to those under the age of 21, limits the sale of body armor outside of people in certain professions, and eliminates significant gaps in the law governing the possession of firearms and reinforces our Red Flag Law to keep firearms away from dangerous individuals,” Hochul said on Monday.

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While the increased age for purchasing firearms will take effect in 90 days, the majority of the rules will take effect in 30 days.

The law forbids carrying a hidden weapon in “critical locations.” Airports, public transit, entertainment facilities, clubs, eateries, houses of religion, and Times Square are just a few examples of critical areas.

“We are acting quickly and firmly to safeguard New Yorkers. “I am proud to sign this landmark legislative package that will strengthen our gun carry laws and reinforce limitations on hidden carry weapons after carefully examining the NYSRPA vs. Bruen ruling and in-depth conversations with based on the constitution and policy analysts, advocates, and legislative partners,” the governor said in a declaration.

“I want to express my gratitude to Speaker Heastie, Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, and all of our legislative allies for their commitment to tackling this urgent issue head-on. I’ll keep doing everything I can to stop the epidemic of mass shootings.

On September 1, 2022, the new law will come into force. Hochul signed a bill after it was approved by the New York State Senate on Friday. The measure outlaws carrying a concealed weapon in “critical areas,” which includes Times Square and all mass transit. Previously in the day, at a special session, the bill was introduced.

The bill was passed after the Supreme Court struck down a state law that only let those with “sufficient reason” get concealed and carry licenses.

“The limits on concealed weapons are declared illegal by the conservative majority of the Supreme Court, but the gun carry laws are still subject to licensing regulations that states may impose. The Senate Majority is acting in response to this verdict to resolve the challenging sections and mitigate any negative consequences it may have on public safety “The Democratic majority in the New York State Senate stated in a statement.
The law states that carrying a gun is prohibited in sensitive areas such as the subway, trains, buses, and ferries, as well as public buildings, places of worship, classrooms, libraries, public parks, public parks, zoos, homeless shelters, and voting stations.

On Wednesday, Governor Hochul declared that lawmakers intended to create “sensitive spaces” legislation. On Thursday, Hochul scheduled a special session that included the introduction of the measure in the state Senate.
The bill also aims to outlaw the carrying of firearms on any private property by presumption, unless such property owner has posted signs allowing firearms or has otherwise given their agreement.

Law enforcement, peace officers, active duty military members, and security staff are exempt from this rule and are permitted to carry firearms in sensitive areas. Guns may be carried in sensitive areas by people who are lawfully hunting.


The law would make it a felony penalty to carry a gun in a prohibited place.

Police will verify a state-wide licensing and record database on a regular basis to make sure it’s still accurate and to see whether somebody no longer has a valid license. Records for criminal convictions, criminal indictments, mental health, severe risk protection orders, and orders of protection have to be compared with the records.

An existing law that creates a database for ammunition to track sales in New York is modified by the new legislation.

Additionally, all dealers and sellers of firearms and ammunition are required to preserve a record of all their firearms and ammunition-related transactions.

A need for gun owners to lock up their weapons in a suitable safe storage depository out of sight from outside the vehicle and remove ammunition from the weapon will also be added by the bill to the already-existing safe storage laws. Otherwise, gun owners wouldn’t be able to leave their weapons in a vehicle or somewhere else than their immediate possession.

In proposing the bill on Wednesday, Hochul stated that it aims to reduce auto burglaries involving firearms.

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