The Fallout From The Kevin McCarthy Recording Appears To Re-energize The GOP’s Pro-Trump Supporters!

Kevin McCarthy: Kevin McCarthy is being chastised for his post-January 6 remarks about Republican legislators.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is receiving backlash from his Republican colleagues after claiming that some of his colleagues incited violence in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol incident.

The recording, on the other hand, plainly refutes his denials.

Following the publication of the Times piece, the tape from Jan. 10, 2021, was broadcast on “The Rachel Maddow Show.” McCarthy is heard telling fellow Republican leaders, including Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, that he was going to push Trump to quit, in the video.

The fallout from the McCarthy audio seems to give new life to the GOP’s most fervent pro-Trump supporters, who feel McCarthy should be replaced as House party leader by Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, who is far more Trumpian. McCarthy’s leadership had already irritated many of Trump‘s most ardent supporters in the House long before this recent dispute.

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Kevin McCarthy

After the tape was made public, an aggrieved pro-MAGA supporter responded to a Fox News contributor labeling McCarthy a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Jordan was “the most working and most skilled member of the Republican House Conference,” according to Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. And everyone in the group is aware of it.”

When many Democrats discovered that McCarthy had been caught in a new series of blatant lies thanks to another truth-bearing audio recording, they reacted with a mix of surprise and elation.

Many left-wing pundits incorrectly assumed that such an overt violation of moral principle by the House’s highest-ranking Republican would be disqualifying in a practical sense for someone aspiring to become a speaker and third in line to the White House next year if the Republicans regain control of the House, as many predict.

Many Democrats felt a sense of schadenfreude as they pondered the perplexing political situation in which McCarthy must have found himself after being exposed as being disloyal to Trump in a rare moment of pellucid candor, raising questions about whether he could even survive in his own party.

However, Democrats should be careful what they wish for, as McCarthy’s demise isn’t always a good thing when compared to the alternatives.

Yes, his actions are heinous and cowardly. But here’s the thing: McCarthy appeared to have the ability to discern when something was awry in the rare moment of candor in which a leaked recording allowed the world to listen in. At the very least, he showed some human sensitivity, recognizing severe unfairness and wrongdoing, if only to hastily push it under the rug for political convenience.

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McCarthy Was Questioned on His Trump Deception

Kevin McCarthy

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was asked why he lied about the possibility of demanding then-President Donald Trump to resign after January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol during a tour to the US-Mexico border on Monday.

Here’s what he said in response: ” “That question was never posed to me by the reporter. The reporter approached me the night before the book’s release. And from what I gathered, he was alleging that I had requested President Trump to quit. No, I’ve never done it. That’s exactly what I was responding to.

If you’re wondering if I told any of my members that we were going to ask — if I told any of them that I said President Trump, the answer is no. I’m pleased you asked that question, but what matters now is what’s going on right now, not something that happened 15 months ago in a private chat with about four other people.”

It’s complete nonsense. (I must have listened to McCarthy’s response 15 times to figure out what he was saying.)

McCarthy’s response is not only illogical, but it is also factually incorrect.

McCarthy informed Republican colleagues in the aftermath of January 6 that he meant to advise Trump to quit, according to The New York Times last Thursday.

Kevin McCarthy

McCarthy rejected the story from New York Times reporters Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin, authors of the upcoming book “This Will Not Pass,” later that day, calling it “completely incorrect and wrong.”

The Times reporters then produced audio of McCarthy saying exactly what they had portrayed him as saying about pressuring Trump to quit later that evening.

As a result, McCarthy is dead to rights in this case. There are no opposing viewpoints in this debate. He claimed that the Times piece was completely inaccurate. He was recorded telling members of the Republican leadership that he would tell Trump to quit.

McCarthy’s plan for dealing with this disaster, to the extent that he has one, appears to be one of deception.

He describes the call for remark as being made at the last minute. But why does the timing of the inquiry affect how you respond?

He claims he misinterpreted the question as a request for Trump to resign. That, however, was not the question. McCarthy has discussed telling Trump he should resign with Republicans, according to Burns and Martin.

Here’s what the New York Times said: “According to the tape of the call, Mr. McCarthy said he would inform Mr. Trump of the impeachment resolution: ‘I believe this will pass, and it would be my advice you quit,’ he added.”

McCarthy also claims that he didn’t share any of this with the other members of the committee. However, there is audio of him on the phone with Republican leaders! Isn’t it true that they don’t count?

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Finally, McCarthy‘s claim that this is all old news — and that what’s going over at the border is more relevant — misses the point. We’re talking about a violent insurgency at the US Capitol, and the part played by the then-President by making a series of false assertions regarding the 2020 election. That is crucial information for, you know, democracy.

Despite these recent discoveries, McCarthy looks to be getting by with Trump, at least for the time being. But man, with replies like the one he gave Monday, he’s not helping himself in terms of explaining his denial.

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