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Why Kamala Harris Approval Rating Have Slumped?

Kamala Harris Approval Rating: The New York Times is keeping track of the most recent national surveys to see how voters feel about Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris is the first female, Black, and South Asian American to serve as the nation’s second in command. She was born in California.

According to a Times average, 40 percent of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris on April 12, while 53 percent had an unfavorable opinion – a net rating of -13 percentage points. As new polls are submitted, this page will be updated.

Since entering office, Harris has been tasked with one of the administration’s most difficult challenges: halting the flood of immigrants attempting to enter the country illegally. Republicans have attempted to make her the face of a political problem that they believe will benefit them.

Harris’ approval ratings continued to fall after assuming the post, with unfavorable sentiments overtaking favorable ones in June. It’s unclear whether the drop is directly due to the immigration debate, given the drop in her approval also coincides with a minor drop in President Biden’s job rating.

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The drop came after Harris reacted angrily to a query about why she had not visited the border in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, prompting backlash. During travels to Mexico and Guatemala, Trump made comments regarding immigration and the US southern border that aroused debate.

The drop coincides with research that suggests Harris, like other female lawmakers, is increasingly becoming the victim of online harassment. As Harris’ celebrity grew, so did the number of sexist, violent, and misogynistic assaults directed at her on social media, with researchers discovering hundreds of thousands of examples.

Kamla Harris Rating Approval

Kamala Harris Approval Rating

Kamala Harris became the first woman to serve “a heartbeat away from the president” when she took office.

Her first year as vice president, however, has not been without its challenges.

It has not been an easy task. Ms. Harris’ popularity has plummeted. The president has charged her with a variety of tasks that range from difficult to nearly impossible to do. High-profile resignations have plagued her office.

Ms. Harris’s assumption that she would be anointed as the Democratic heir apparent to the presidency after accepting her party’s vice presidential selection was quickly disproved.

While Mr. Biden stated in a press conference on Wednesday that if he runs for re-election, he will maintain her as his running mate, it is unclear whether this will put an end to rumors about her political future.

Without a doubt, it was an unappealing poll. According to a November poll conducted by USA Today, Ms. Harris has a public popularity rating of 28%, making her one of the least popular vice presidents in recent history, even lower than the architect of the Iraq War, Dick Cheney, who was despised by Democrats.

That “comically terrible” poll, as the San Francisco Chronicle described it, was the catalyst for the wave of “what’s wrong with Kamala Harris” stories that dominated the second half of 2021. The poll effectively characterized the vice-presidential debate as one of hardship and failure.

Kamala Harris Approval Rating

However, upon closer examination, the survey looks to be an outlier. It appeared to be particularly awful because 21% of respondents were uncertain about Harris. Just over half of those polled had a poor opinion of the vice president, which is comparable to Mr. Biden’s low scores.

Following surveys, her approval grew closer to Biden’s, which is consistent with historical tendencies in which vice-presidential approval lags behind that of the president.

The forces dragging Ms. Harris down, according to Cliff Young, president of Ipsos’ US Public Affairs, are the same as those dragging her employer down the Covid epidemic and the economy. Mr. Young believes that if Mr. Biden’s support rises as a result of Americans’ perceptions that their concerns are being handled, her popularity will rise as well.

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He observes that the vice-president has a silver lining. Most polls position her near the top of the list of potential Democratic presidential nominees for 2024. She still appears to have political clout, at least inside her own party, and particularly among women and minorities.

Kamla Harris As Vice President A difficult portfolio

Ms. Harris has been saddled with two high-profile projects since taking office. The first step is to address the core reasons for undocumented migration from Central American countries to the United States.

Kamala Harris Approval Rating

During the first year of Biden’s presidency, the number of immigrants crossing into the US from the “Northern Triangle” of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras increased dramatically, and the administration sought to curb the flow while undoing some of Trump’s most draconian policies.

The job seemed intimidating at first, but it was doable. In the Obama administration, Mr. Biden served in a similar capacity as Vice President.

However, some have characterized her responsibilities as encompassing all aspects of immigration and border security, a challenge that has been decades in the making and will almost certainly take decades to resolve.

It’s surely no surprise that Ms. Harris’ approval ratings began to plummet while the entire immigration issue was dangling around her neck.

She’s also in charge of implementing nationwide voting reform. Following Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, certain Republican-controlled states have passed legislation restricting measures to make voting more convenient, such as voting by mail and using vote drop boxes. Ms. Harris was tasked with shepherding national reforms through Congress that would preempt these state-level efforts.

The vice president’s attempts, however, have been doomed to failure due to unified Republican opposition and intransigence from some Democrats. The administration’s latest push on the issue has simply served to highlight the futility of the effort – and being identified with futility is not a prescription for electoral success.

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According to journalist and vice-presidential historian Kate Andersen Brower, Mr. Biden has set his vice-president up to fail.

“He’s giving her incredibly impossible jobs,” she explained.

Vice presidents are frequently considered political heirs to the presidents they serve, and this is an obvious conclusion when the president is 82 at the end of his first term.

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