Has The World War 3 Already Started?

The present war between Russia and Ukraine has already intensified into World War 3. If it is not a war against NATO directly, it surely is battling with NATO’s infrastructure.

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What did the Russian State’s TV Host Say About World War 3?

The current attack on Ukraine has “escalated into World War III,” the Russian television reporter Olga Skabeyeva announced. As per her reports, the “Special Operation” of Putin against Ukraine is lingering as Russia is combating NATO forces.


The comments by one of Russia’s most well-known television anchors come after Moscow faced a humiliating symbolic loss with the drowning of the Moskva, its Black Sea fleet’s flagship. However, Russia officially did not accept this humiliation. It stated that the drowning was due to an accidental fire or explosion.

Ukraine had attacked the Moskva with two Neptunes, as per a Pentagon officer addressing the media, refuting Russia’s assertion that the ship lost balance in stormy seas while being brought to port after ammunition exploded.

The first battleship Knyaz Suvorov was destroyed by Japan in the war of 1905. Now, after that, this is the first time the Russian navy suffered a flagship. It is also the largest vessel to be lost since WWII.

Olga Skabeyeva requested the viewers to ‘recognize’ that Russia is right now in a war with NATO’s infrastructure if not NATO directly.

She also told viewers that the West was now arming Ukraine with “zillions of weaponry.”

In her reporting, she alleged Ukraine was carrying out ‘much more acts of aggression, terrible, awful, totally unimaginable’ at the direction of the West.

She said that it will cause people to flinch once more and declare that Russia is undeserving of even existing on the international map. And that all Russians should vanish face of the earth’.

As per Skabeyeva, the Ukrainians were thrilled to see Russian troops on their soil.

As per her reports, regular Ukrainians aren’t noticing any massacre. And that the Russian forces were as true liberators in the Kharkiv region.

She mentioned in the media that the Russian tricolors are being waved in the streets where our military equipment is.

Olga also adds that the residents of Kharkiv blame the Ukrainian armed forces for the massacre, not the Russian army.

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Ukraine’s Reaction On The War

The loss of the Moskva gave a serious setback to Russia’s offensive as it plans for a new attack in the eastern Donbas region. It will probably determine the future of the conflict.


President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Ukrainians should be proud of themselves for sustaining the Russian attack for 50 days when the invaders ‘only offered us five’.

Among the means Ukraine has defended itself against the invasion, Zelensky listed “those who demonstrated that Russian warships can sail away, even if it’s to the bottom” of the sea.

However, Volodymyr Zelenskyy claims that Russia’s special military mission in Ukraine caused the deaths of 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers and the wounding of 10,000 others. He believes that they have lost 2,500 to 3,000 military personnel.

It’s difficult to say how many will live said Zelensky in an interview with CNN.

Due to a lack of information from the “restricted” territories in Ukraine’s south and east, Zelenskyy found it hard to determine the number of civilian casualties.

The Kremlin categorically stated that its forces deployed cruise missiles to strike a military target on the boundaries of Kyiv overnight, before threatening further strikes on the Ukrainian capital in reaction to its attacks on Russian targets.

In the aftermath of Moscow’s statement about the destiny of the Moskva, powerful explosions have been recorded in Kyiv.

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