50 Individuals Discovered Dead In Abandoned 18-Wheeler In San Antonio


According to San Antonio city officials and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a tractor-trailer recovered in the vicinity of Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio included the corpses of 50 dead persons as well as 16 additional people who had been brought to clinics. At a press conference held close to the incident, … Read more

New York’s Governor Approves Legislation Restricting Concealed Gun Carry Laws


Gov. Kathy Hochul made the announcement on Friday night that she had signed the legislation, which was created in response to the recent Supreme Court decision on concealed gun carry laws and was just approved by lawmakers this evening. The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, signed a 10-bill package on Monday that tightens state … Read more

Russian Missile Attacks Near Ukraine’s Odesa Kill 21 People

After withdrawing its forces from Snake Island in the Black Sea, a Russian missile destroyed a portion of an apartment building while its occupants slept on Friday. Authorities estimate that at least 21 people were killed in the aerial bombardments near the Ukrainian port of Odesa. Residents of Serhiivka, a tourist community, assisted workers as … Read more

Trump Group Pays for Attorneys on January 6, Worries about Witness Pressure


Former President Donald J. Trump’s political organization and his allies have paid for or promised to finance the legal fees of more than a dozen witnesses called in the congressional investigation into the January 6 attack, raising legal and ethical questions about whether the former president may be influencing testimony with a direct bearing on … Read more

Gustavo Petro Won Runoff Election To Become Colombia’s Next President


Former guerrilla soldier Gustavo Petro, who promised significant social and economic reform, has been elected president of Colombia. Petro would become Colombia’s first left-leaning president if she wins the presidential runoff election on Sunday. He received 50.4 percent of the vote, while his challenger Rodolfo Hernandez, a construction billionaire, had 47.3 percent. “As of today, … Read more

Stephen Colbert Claims Police Detained His Staff For Doing Their Job


While filming at the United States Capitol on Thursday, a production crew for “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” was arrested by police and punished with unlawful entry. Officers from the United States Capitol Police responded to a disruption report in the Longworth House Office Building on Thursday night, where they discovered seven people “unaccompanied … Read more