Protests Against The Supreme Court Decision Still Being Held Across The US


This week, protests against a ruling by the US Supreme Court that invalidated the right to an abortion persisted all around the nation. Thousands marched in New York to express their outrage at the decision, which came at the conclusion of a hectic week involving not only reproductive freedom but also firearm carry regulations and … Read more

Hundreds Injured  And Four Killed In Colombian Bullfight Stadium Collapse


Sunday’s fiesta brava in Colombia ended in tragedy when a makeshift stadium started to collapse during a bullfight, sending hundreds of spectators plummeting to the ground. Authorities reported at least four fatalities, and subsequent accounts of the number of people injured ranged significantly, between dozens and hundreds. Four people were killed and hundreds injured when … Read more

States May Prohibit Abortion Once Supreme Court Reverses Roe vs Wade


After almost 50 years under Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court on Friday removed women’s constitutional safeguards for abortion, a fundamental and very personal upheaval for American lives. The landmark court decision being overturned by the court will probably result in abortion restrictions in around half of the nation. The decision, which was unfathomable only … Read more

Republicans In The House Are On Attack About Panel Testimony from January 6


After the January 6 committee’s report issued testimony Thursday claiming they had sought mercy from the previous president after the Capitol attack, a few House Republicans who actively discussed overthrowing the 2020 election with Donald Trump vehemently denied pursuing pardons. Reps. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), Scott Perry (R-Pa.), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), and … Read more

Senate Inches Toward Passage, House GOP Leaders Oppose Bipartisan Gun Deal


Most House Republicans are opposing a bipartisan gun deal that Mitch McConnell has approved. On Tuesday night, the bill was advanced with assistance from about a third of the Senate Republican caucus. However, that doesn’t mean much in the House, where even supporters are cautioning that they don’t anticipate the same percentage of GOP votes … Read more