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Biden Remembers His Son Beau On Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, President Biden lay a tribute at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and spoke at Arlington National Cemetery, emphasizing the “holy tradition” of commemorating those who died in battle while serving the United States.

Biden said that presently, as a nation, they undertook a sacred ritual to reflect and remember. Because if they ignore the lives of each of those silent markers reflect — mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, children — if they fail to notice what they have sacrificed, what they made so that the nation might survive, strong, free, and united, then we forget who they are.

He subsequently said that they reaffirmed their holy commitment on this day. It’s a straightforward promise. To keep in mind. He added that memorial day is always a day where sadness and pride are blended together.

During the wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Vice President Harris, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley joined Biden. Before Biden, both Milley and Austin spoke.

Biden emphasized the significance of democracy throughout his remarks, citing Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which has been continuing for more than three months.

“We renew our holy commitment today.” It’s a straightforward promise. To keep in mind. To keep in mind. He subsequently said, “Memorial Day is always a day where sadness and pride are blended together.”

“We see so plainly all that’s at stake right now, when Russia is waging another aggressive war to suffocate the independence, democracy, and basic culture and identity of neighboring Ukraine,” Biden said.

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“There has never been a time when liberty was free.” Championing democracy has always been necessary. Ukraine and its citizens have been on the front lines of the ongoing war for liberty and democracy today, battling to rescue their country.

However, their struggle is part of a greater struggle that connects all mankind, a struggle in which many of the patriots whose ultimate rest is here on these sacred grounds took part. A struggle between democracy and authoritarianism, liberty and repression, and the desires and ambitions of a few will eternally want to control the lives and rights of many. “It’s a fight for fundamental democratic ideals,” he added.

Biden observed Memorial Day for the second time as president on Monday. The day also marked the seven-year anniversary of his son’s death, Beau Biden. The young Biden, who served in the Delaware Army National Guard as a major, died from cancer in 2015. He was stationed in Iraq.

On Monday, the president, first lady Jill Biden, and members of the family made a visit to Beau Biden’s burial in Delaware.

During his speech at Arlington National Cemetery, President Biden recalled his son’s death.

“I understand this service has reopened that black hole in the core of your heart that just drags you in and suffocates you if your loved one is missing or unaccounted for.” “I said — our son Major Beau Biden took his last breath at Walter Reed 7 years ago today,” the president remarked.

“He didn’t die in the line of duty; he was diagnosed with cancer after returning from Iraq.” Cancer was a horrible disease that took us away from him and took him away from us. However, I have always had the impression that I see him on Memorial Day.

Not as he was the last time I held his hand, but as a second lieutenant, when I put bars on him. “I imagine him embracing all the Gold Star families down at the Delaware Memorial Bridge with me,” he later added. Biden stressed the purpose that soldiers believe in when they go into battle, as well as the critical role that military families play.

“They made a conscious decision to live a life with meaning. They were on a job. Above all, they trusted in their country, in honor, and in duty. We are still absolutely free due to their bravery. They kept the light and the flame of freedom blazing, and we live by it. So, no matter how much time since we lost them, a part of them is still with us,” Biden remarked.

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“This thankful country owes you, as well as that member you lost, to every Gold Star family, to every surviving, close relative, and caretaker,” Biden later added. “We will never be able to repay the sacrifice.” But we shall never give up. We’ll never forget our responsibility to remember. They bought our freedom with their life. As a result, we must always follow in their footsteps in our life.”

Austin paid tribute to the more than 2,400 service members who died in the United States’ war in Afghanistan, which concluded in August when all American forces were withdrawn from the nation.

The United States’ nearly 20-year military presence in Afghanistan came to an end when 13 troops were killed in a suicide explosion at a door at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

“America’s greatest battle has come to an end in the year since we last assembled on this mournful day. “We mourn the 2,461 American service soldiers and personnel who died in Afghanistan today,” Austin added.

“And we commemorate all those who are still suffering from the scars of that war, both physical and mental.” “We carry them in our hearts, alongside the patriots who have given their lives to defend us all down the generations,” he continued.

Biden ended his speech with a passionate defense of democracy, emphasizing that, while flawed, it is worth fighting for.

“Today, we recall and proclaim that liberty is worth the cost. Democracy is not without flaws. It was never going to be flawless. It is, nonetheless, worth fighting for. “Worth sacrificing for if necessary,” he said.

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