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Biden Calls Trump ‘Great MAGA King’

At a union gathering in Chicago on Wednesday, President Joe Biden criticized his former, criticizing Republicans as “Great MAGA” and criticizing Donald Trump’s continued hold on the Republican Party. He also launched a new attack, referring to Trump as the ‘Great MAGA king,’ when comparing Trump’s budget decreases with those of his predecessor.

‘Look at my previous, the great MAGA monarch,’ Biden said, sarcastically. ‘During the first year of my presidency, I actually cut the deficit by $350 billion.’ Biden made numerous jabs at ‘ultra-MAGA Republicans’ throughout his speech, which came just days after he made similar comments at the White House. ‘I’ve gotten along with a lot of them – I’m acclimatized,’ he remarked of Republic’s employees.

He slammed Sen. Rick Scott’s idea to “expire” legislation, saying it jeopardized Social Security. ‘ The ultra-MAGA Republican plan – the only one on the table – proposes to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid every five years. He also praised organized labor, citing the devastating efficiency of US armaments used by the Ukrainians versus Russian intruders. With a smile, Biden claimed, ‘Our equipment isn’t coming apart.’ ‘It’s theirs. He answered, “No, I’m genuine.”His remark follows months of stories of Russian tanks becoming trapped, tread worn out, and tanks becoming susceptible to the latest US-made weaponry.

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Biden referenced the early stages of the pandemic when laid-off employees relied on food banks.’Welcome to America. Individuals would have to spend an hour and a half and a half in a queue to get a box of food in their trunks.

‘It’s incredible,’ Biden exclaimed into a mic at a Chicago labor rally.’And what exactly did the MAGA crowd want? ‘It’s over.’ In Chicago, Biden spoke at the 40th International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) International Convention, becoming the first president to face a crowd of 3,500 people. He expressed gratitude to the organization for its initial support during the Democratic primary campaign.

Joe praised Biden as “the far more pro-union president in American history,” saying, “It was evident to us that he was only one in the pool of Democratic contenders who might take on President Trump and defeat him.”

Biden had previously visited an Illinois farm on Wednesday, calling for investing more money and agricultural policies to help minimize the effect of inflation as a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine.’ You’re the backbone of freedom,’ Biden told a gathering of around 100 farmers and supporters in Kankakee as he pushed his plans to increase domestic food production.

‘Speaking just shortly after new statistics indicated that the cost of foodstuffs in the United States increased 10.8% in the previous year, the highest level after 1980, Biden frequently linked rising inflation to the Ukraine conflict.

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‘Right now, America is battling on two aspects: inflation and rising prices at home and abroad. ‘At home, it’s assisting Ukrainians in defending their freedom and feeding the world’s needy,’ said Biden.


Biden spoke shortly after the newest inflation report revealed that consumer prices rose 8.3% year over year in April, marginally lower than the previous month but nevertheless near a four-decade high. According to the research, US food costs are increasing at an alarming rate, with the all-food index up 9.4% over last year, the biggest 12-month rise since 1981. ‘Putin’s assault has cut off essential food supplies,’ Biden warned. He alluded to the 20 million tonnes of grain that had become stranded in Ukrainian silos. Ukraine and Russia are the two largest grain exporters in the world.

What’s this? If those tonnes don’t make it to market, a lot of folks in Africa would starve and die,’ Biden added. He also mentioned global fertilizer scarcity, which he linked to the war. He visited fellow farmers Jeff O’Connor, who pressed for measures to extend federal credit programs for farmers who ‘double plant,’ among many other reforms. Biden described the holes as “quite stinking huge.”

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who accompanied him from Washington, said that the infrastructure bill will lower farmers’ exporting prices.’We don’t have any farmer in our background,’ Biden said to O’Connor, who displayed him his newly planted wheat fields. O’Connor inquired about the wheat situation with the president.

It appears to be in good health. What are your thoughts on it?’ Biden inquired. It turned out that I was a little behind in terms of maturity. Biden visited the farm and spoke to followers about agriculture while wearing shirtsleeves. ‘There’s a vote today in the United States Senate, and they’re unwilling to be here,’ he said, referring to two Illinois senators, Democrats Richard Durbin and Tammy Duckworth.

However, he made no reference to the Senate vote, which involves formalizing abortion protections in federal law as the Supreme Court moves to overturn Roe v Wade. ‘You feed the globe, and as we’ve seen with Putin’s conflict in Ukraine, you’re such as the backbone of freedom,’ Biden said.

He mocked the cosmopolitan set by calling American farmers the “breadbasket of democracy.” ‘If each investment banker and farmer quit their jobs, we’d all starve and die,’ said Biden, who was also set to speak at fundraising in Chicago later Wednesday. He also touted his own experience as a rural affairs specialist in his home state of Delaware.

We have much more chickens than people in the United States. ‘Additional boilers,’ Biden was speaking about the Delmarva Peninsula’s production, which covers Maryland and Virginia.’Let me put it like this. ‘I would have been a United States senator for six years instead of 36 years if I didn’t know anything about farms,’ he remarked.

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