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In His confessional Journal, Brian Laundrie Admitted Killing Gabby Petito

  • There is a possible confession to killing Gabby Petito in the notebook of Brian Laundrie.
  • “She was killed by me. I believed it to be merciful and that it was what she desired “It read.
  • Laundrie added that he couldn’t “live another day without her” and that is why he decided to end his life.

In a journal discovered close to the body of Brian Laundrie, the 23-year-old confesses to killing his fiancée, Gabby Petito, according to the family’s lawyer.

Laundrie wrote, “I ended her life,” in the journal, which was discovered in October 2021, following his suicide. According to Laundrie, “I thought it was merciful, that it was what she wanted, but I recognize now all the mistakes I did.” “I was scared. I was stunned. But I knew I couldn’t continue without her as soon as I made the decision to end her suffering.”

Before he killed her and started down the path to his own suicide, Laundrie stated she was “violently shivering,” “chilling cold,” and had obvious bruises. Dr. Michael Baden, Cyril Wecht, and Brent Blue, three veteran medical investigators who conducted the autopsy on Petito, 22, in late 2021, hours after the confession’s specifics were made public. The same was true for Jason Jensen, a private investigator, and John Kelly, a polygraph examiner and psychotherapist who has spoken with many murderers. Before reportedly shooting and killing himself in a Florida environmental park, Laundrie, 23, left behind eight notebook pages filled with notes.

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The body of Petito, 22, was discovered in Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park in September 2021. She was strangled to death, according to a medical examiner. Laundrie was discovered dead from a self-inflicted shotgun wound in the Florida woods in October of last year. Laundrie went missing around the same time, prompting widespread calls for his arrest.

Laundrie refers to Petito’s passing as an “unexpected catastrophe” in the diary, which lawyer Steven Bertolino gave.

He claimed Petito was hurt as the couple attempted to cross a stream as they hurried back to their car before it grew too dark to see. Laundrie asserted that in addition to other wounds, Petito had a “little bump on her forehead that eventually got larger” and was “begging for an end to her misery.”

Patrick Reilly, an attorney for the Petito family, calls Laundrie’s claim that the killing was humane and the result of a “tragic accident” “nonsense.”

According to Reilly, “He is drafting a letter as though he wants people to feel bad for him.”

Reilly responds, “I don’t think there is something that can make them feel better about it. I don’t know how the Petito family feels about Laundrie’s confession.”

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The family of Laundrie is the target of a legal lawsuit filed by Petito’s family. The lawsuit asserts that while authorities were devoting significant resources to a comprehensive missing person investigation, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie were aware of the location of Petito’s death.

Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt, Petito’s parents, are suing the Laundries for even more than $30,000 in compensation for the mental suffering they had as a result of their alleged dishonesty. The March petition also asserts that Christopher and Roberta conspired with Laundrie to cover up Petito’s death while organizing his escape.

The lawsuit further claims that Roberta obstructed Nichole’s phone number and Facebook account in September to prevent interference as Nichole sought information on what happened to Petito because instead of assisting Joseph and Nichole pinpoint their daughter, the Laundrie parents took a vacation with Brian and disregarded the requests from Petito’s family.

According to the submission, “Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie extracted features and outlandish behavior which constitutes behavior, under the situations, which goes as beyond possible boundaries of decency and is regarded as disturbing, horrendous, and wholly intolerable in a civilized community.”

Laundrie’s parents have failed to show up in court on Wednesday for a hearing. Throughout the hearing, Bertolino frequently referred to the complaint as “totally unfounded,” claiming that his clients were utilizing their Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.

They acted as most people would and ought to, according to Bertolino. When Petito’s parents declared the teenager missing after she stopped answering texts while traveling cross-country with Laundrie, the Petito and Laundrie families came into the public eye last summer. It was subsequently discovered that Laundrie had secretly returned to his parent’s home in Florida without Petito after abruptly ending the trip.

In the notebook, Laundrie wrote, “I’m sorry for everyone this will affect, gabby was the love of my life… I’m so very sorry to her family because I love them.”

He also wrote, “I am sorry to my family, this is a shock to them as well as a terrible grief (sic).”

In an email accompanying the release of the notebook, Bertolino wrote, “Although I have chosen to release this letter as a matter of transparency I will not be commenting further as there are still proceedings pending in Court.

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