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Ivanka and Jared Have Quietly Rejected Trump

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner appeared to have resigned themselves to their fate since Donald Trump’s presidency ended. The first children and White House aides didn’t try to reintegrate into New York high society; instead, they relocated to Surfside, Florida, where they were subjected to the whims of their overbearing neighbors.

Ivanka’s only Instagram posts have been on COVID vaccines and charity gifts to Ukrainians. The couple’s absence from Mar-a-Lago, even on Father’s Day, was reported in the news, but these reports didn’t include any poorly disguised statements from the couple attempting to redeem their reputation.

The pair hasn’t transformed at all, as it turns out. They are now separating themselves from the previous three months of the Trump regime in the most Javanka-like approach possible, claiming via an unattributed news article that they always understood the whole insurgency issue was bad, but there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

The New York Times released an article headlined “How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before January 6” on Wednesday. It starts with the revelation that Kushner recognized Trump had lost days before the rest of us, as per sources familiar with his late-night discussions with his wife:

On Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, Jared Kushner awoke in his Kalorama house and told his wife that it was time to leave Washington, just 24 hours after President Donald J. Trump asserted in the middle of the night that “frankly, we did win this election.” “We’re relocating to Miami,” he announced.

The voting for Joseph R. Biden Jr. had not even been announced, but the White House’s young dynamic duo felt without any need to wait for the final numbers, as Mr. Kushner later informed staffers and associates. They saw the way the votes were heading and realized that forbidding an unexpected turn of events, the president’s bid for a second term was doomed. Even if he didn’t want to accept it.

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Ivanka and Jared Have

As per “those close to” the couple, they don’t ever accept Trump’s falsehoods about a rigged election, so they promptly distanced themself from the Trump presidency — but not by raising alarms or leaving, as many other White House officials have done. Instead, they psychologically tuned out and let the knuckleheads lead the states:

Their choice to go on created a power vacuum around the president, which conspiracy enthusiasts like Rudolph W. Giuliani and Sidney Powell filled by relaying comically bogus allegations of dead voters, stuffed ballot boxes, manipulated voting machines, and foreign conspiracies against Mr. Trump. Mr. Kushner told Mr. Trump that if Mr. Giuliani was in charge, he would not be implicated, effectively surrendering the field to those who would try to reverse the election, as per people he disclosed in, after reaching the conclusion that the president would not hear even to family members imploring him to accept the outcome.

Kushner returned to his much-maligned effort to settle the Middle East war, and quickly demonstrated that he has a “secret genius” for writing in parallel to peacemaking:

He started writing a memoir about Middle East peacemaking while still in the White House. Mr. Kushner began documenting the first term in the weeks ahead, as Mr. Trump continued to insist on running for re-election. He also took James Patterson, the prolific best-selling novelist online, MasterClass on how to write a book. He covertly penned 40,000 words of a first draught during a two-week period following the election. In August, the final draft will be released.

And the couple began making plans for their new life in Florida — though Ivanka had to pretend to favor election tampering. She didn’t want to make a fuss!

Mr. Kushner and his wife started thinking about where they would live, what schools they could take their three children to, and what business endeavors they would explore while Mr. Trump gathered with Mr. Giuliani and others urging him that he could still prevail. They had to keep it under wraps. They didn’t want to appear to be going on because that would result in stories that would be humiliating to Mr. Trump. Ivanka Trump would, in fact, text her father’s key aides the day after the election to push them.

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Ivanka and Jared

Then why were they by Trump’s side on January 6, 2021, if they were so against his electoral false stories? As per the New York Times, Jared was “in the bathroom with the shower already running and about to jump in” when House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called, pleading with him to come to the White House and stabilize the situation down. In a similar vein, Ivanka merely went to her father’s “Stop the Steal” event to keep things from getting out of control:

Ivanka Trump had devoted most of the day attempting to restrain her dad from heading too far. She had declined to speak at the gathering on the Ellipse but was so worried about her father’s wrath toward Mr. Pence that she opted to follow him there at the last minute in the hopes of avoiding a harsher confrontation. As rioters tore through the Capitol in the hours that followed, she rushed up and down the West Wing steps from her office to the Oval Office, seeking to urge her father to release tougher remarks condemning the assaults.

Of course, Javanka’s attempts to plead to Trump’s good nature during the Capitol brawl flopped, as they had so many occasions previously. But, with the couple’s witness statements to a House panel scheduled to air in the coming days, Kushner confronting questions about his Saudi Arabian business relationships, and his memoir set to be released in August, it’s critical that we understand they aren’t to blame for the Trump campaign and government’s disastrous conclusion. They started working for Trump from 2015 to January 20, 2021.

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