This politician from maharashtra in the big boss show would amaze all!

His full name is Abhijit Bichukake. He was born in the hometown of Satara which is in Maharashtra. My occupation is a politician of very powerful. He was born in 1976. The exact date of birth is not known. He in the past has come to many Marathi television shows and he also was part of the big boss Marathi season two as a contestant. He completed his schooling at a local school in his village. To continue his further studies Event to Kolhapur which is in Maharashtra. He then on went to graduate from the great Shivaji University which is situated in Kolhapur. After he did his bachelor of arts from Lat Bahadur Shastri College in Satara he started his career.

He first became active at a very local district-level politics in the place called Satara. He has also contested the2019 Lok Sabha election from the Satara constituency as an independent party member. As of 2022, his age is 46 years old. Currently, his address is Mumbai Maharashtra. His nationality is Indian and by religion, he is a Hindu. Two languages are known by one is Indian other is English. His caste and ethnicity is Marathi. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His blood group is not known. His first debut in TV series and cinema came when he was a contestant of Bigg boss Marathi season two in the year 2019.

Date of Birth 
Birth Place
Zodiac sign
ProfessionPolitician, Actor
Source of IncomeActing and Politics
Nickname No info

What is his height?

His height is approximately around, 5‘7“ in feet inch. This also converts into 1.70 meter or 170 cm. His height is around in the range of what height of average male is in India. He is very much confident about his height.

What is his weight?

He look very fit and has a nice weight category range.  According to our estimation and various other estimates his height is around in the range between 60 kg to 65 kg. Which is very well for a man of his height. And it is this that makes him look great and nice. This adds to his personality in the domain of Politics.

What about his presence on social media profiles?

Very little is his presence on any kind of social media platform. Fans only know to come about him from the contestant place he takes in different series online. But he does not have any social media account online. He does not have a Instagram, he does not have Twitter, he does not have Facebook page, he does not have YouTube channel, he does not have his own website, he does not have any social media or digital media platform or handle online. The reason for this is not known but fans and other people come to know about his personality only through the television interviews which he does and the shoes in which he takes part in. The most recent so in which he has taken part is the big boss season 15 OTT.

What about his personality type?

He has a great personality. He is very smart and generous, he never shows his weakness over his social media platform. He is kind-hearted and well to do in his life. He sees life in a very optimistic way and never lets pessimism take over him.

Appears to be very competent in the things that require skills and hard work. There is excitement with family and friends in the social things.

Very faithful loving and caring warm-hearted and sensitive. I desire to drive things around and to soar high in the air for success and a career. Enthusiastic and dynamic. Decisive in the decisions that are made for career and life. Confident enough to be ambitious in life.

He is very attractive and has a bold and successful energetic aura around him. He wants to contribute to society, because he believes that society has given him alot.

He works on regular basis to provide his fans with the content that they want and this reflects his drive to be consistency and well performer in life. And for most important part, of his personality. He does his work that no one can effectively find any form of flaw in his style of acting.

He is die hard fan of other famous personalities too. He works on regular basis to provide his fans with the content that they want and this reflects his drive to be consistency and well performer in life.

What about his family life and personal life?

We know very less about his family and personal life, as this thing is not much known in the public domain. Yet we are working to find the information regarding his family and personal life.

What are the few amazing facts about him?

  • Caring and demanding of the situation and to do things which time. Grab attention in any way Which helps to gain huge prominence and likeability.
  • He is a very pure soul and is away from the vices of society like smoking and drinking He has millions of followers who would like to engage and work with and for him
  • Fair honest and humble. Very mature person with a sense of internal patience and highly responsible.
  • Creative with a sense of desire to express his heart. Resiliency in life. Like the king of the jungle and likes to take things with confidence.
  • He has a deep love for his work that there is never a day when skips to do his work, and it is this reason why he is very famous
  • He is driven to serve the society, and wants that he serve the needy and the poor of the society


FoodRajma chawal
ActorSunjay Dutt
ActressNot Much Information Available

Life Style

Does he drivesYes he drives for his political campaign
Does he exerciseYes, that’s why he is very fit
Does he socialize Yes, a lot with friends and family
Does he uses social media No, he uses none
Does he travelsYes a lot with friends and family

What is Abhijit Bichukake Net-Worth?

According to various estimates, his net worth is in the range of 5 crore rupees to 6 crore rupees . But these estimates are more than official and hence we cannot verify them and hence want the fans to have caution when they take this data for real. Many say that these numbers are not appropriate and hence we say that fans should wait for more proper data to come so that official data of his net worth can be out.


Who is he?

He is a very famous social worker, and great politician from the Satara place in Maharashtra

How old is he?

He is 37

How tall is he?

He is around 5 feet 7 inch, that is best height for a star in India

What is his educational qualification?

Not much is know about it

What is his best quality?

His best talent is that of finding love in politics, and to bring value to politics and society

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