The cute star of tikTok, Tarun Kinra is very famous recently.

About Him

This blog is dedicated to famous star on Instagram and other social media profiles as well. We will be taking about his full biography. Ranging from his bio, career, relationships, personal life, schooling, education, age, height, personality, marriage, and many more. So do continue to read to know about this superstar.

His full name is Tarun Kinra. He is a youthful and young supermodel and social media influencer from Saharanpur, which is a city in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. He is very young and has made a sterling career from the famous platform of TikTok. And when the disruption of the new platform came in the form of Instagram too, He did not lose the chance to show his talent on Instagram reels too.

Date of Birth 
23 May, 2005
Birth Place
Saharanpur, UP
Zodiac sign
Source of IncomeSocial Media
Nickname Tarun


 Yes, a very beautiful personality, he is muscular his fair and fancy love for his hairstyle is very unique. He has formidable and millions of followers on the platform on which he uploads his videos. In a short time, he got famous because of his videos going heavily viral. He was born on the 23 May in the year 2005. And hence his age is around 17 years as of present January 2022. He is Indian nationally and very famous for his young life. He gained prominence in a very less period. By profession, he is a social media influencer, TikTok user, Model, and many more under the domain of new cinema and social media life. By most prominently he goes sterling due to his focus on the platform of TikTok.

What is his height?

His height is approximately around, 5‘6“ in feet inch. This also converts into 1.6 meter or 168 cm. His height is around in the range of what height of average male is in India.

What is his weight?

He look very fit and has a nice weight category range.  According to our estimation and various other estimates his height is around in the range between 50 kg to 55 kg. Which is very well for a boy of his height. And it is this that makes him look great and nice.

What about his presence on social media profiles?

He is very active over his social media platforms and fans love to enter the domain to engage with him too. Let us see where his social media presence is and examine his presence too.

Fans could find him on the platform of TikTok and Instagram. But after TikTok was named his presence there was dwindled. But he is now properly active on the social media platform of Instagram. Where he is very famous on Instagram Reels.

On Instagram he has as of 2022 January, around  521 posts. His is following around 307 people. He has a huge and amass following of 2 million people. His is very much active on Instagram. But he has not verified blue account, with a blue tick.

His social media account.


What about his personality type?

He has a great personality. He is very smart and generous, he never shows his weakness over his social media platform. He is kind-hearted and well to do in his life. He sees life in a very optimistic way and never lets pessimism take over him.

He has gained huge prominence

He is driven by the drive to do great things in his life, and has penchant for helping others. He has a deep desire to work hard in life and become very successful, even if that means for him sacrifice other different things in life. He is forward looking and always has some or the others things to do. He is very creative and brings great ideas that are very new for his work Over his social media handles.

He is also very hard working

He is die hard fan of other famous personalities too. He works on regular basis to provide his fans with the content that they want and this reflects his drive to be consistency and well performer in life. And for most important part, of his personality. His is driven by empathy and a love for more and more, that his work reflects his sheer hard work and one that could not easily be rebuffed by others in his life.

He is caring and looked forward to provide back in the society what he has received from the society. He want to bring hard working personality in lives of other and is very creative in bringing change among youth.

What about his family life and personal life?

Not much is known about what is inside his personal and family life. We do not know what is the name of his father. We do not know what the name of his mother is. But we do know that he has a sibling in form of a sister. His sister’s name is Chetna Kinra. And apart from this; we are still searching for his relationship. As we find no one is his girlfriend as of now. We can fairly say that he is single. And if any new input comes, we will tell his fans here.

What are the top ten amazing facts about him?

  • He has a tough life in the beginning and started as an actor
  • He has millions of followers who would like to engage and work with and for him
  • He is an animal lover and has many pets at his home
  • He is also a car lover and has a wide range of collections of cars. One of his favorite cars is Mahindra Thar
  • He is enthusiastic about sports and according to many reports he lives his life to be energetic and does lot of different sports
  • He loves paragliding and also tells in media that he would love to experience other sports as well
  • He loves to travel and trek. He would do these only with this friend which he reflects a lot in the media
  • He has a deep love for his work that there is never a day when skips to do his work, and it is this reason why he is very famous
  • He is a very pure soul and is away from the vices of society like smoking and drinking
  • He is very band many time girls say that they could consider marrying him, but he does not like it this way


Favorite FoodBurger, and Pizza
Favorite ActorSalman Khan
Favorite ActressNot Much Information Available
Favorite PlaceIndia
Favorite CountryIndia

Life Style

Does he drivesNo Info
Does he exerciseYes, that’s why he is fit
Does he eats junk foodNo Info
Does he socialize Yes, a lot with friends and family
Does he uses social media Yes, that is how he earns money
Does he travelsYes a lot with friends and family

What is his Net-Worth?

According to various estimates, his net worth is in the range of US$1.5 million to US$3 million. But these estimates are more than official and hence we cannot verify them and hence want the fans to have caution when they take this data for real. Many say that these numbers are not appropriate and hence we say that fans should wait for more proper data to come so that official data of his net worth can be out.


Who is he?

He is a very famous social media influencer from UP, and young too.

How old is he?

He is 17 years old as of 2022, January

How tall is he?

He is around 5 feet 6 inch, that is best height for a star in India

What is his educational qualification?

He has schooled from a local school in UP

What is his best quality?

He is talented and can easily engage his fans through his content

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