He Is Udhayanidhi Stalin, Having a Very Powerful Family Background

About Him

His full name is Udhayanidhi Stalin. He was born on the 27th of November in the year 1977 in Tamil Nadu. A southern state in Indian Peninsula.

He is a very Sterling actor, producer in the Tamil cinema which has recently gained huge prominence. Tamil cinema is also known as Kollywood. And he is an intellectual with his first film which he did like the role of producer with red giant movies by the name Kuruvi in the year 2008 in which Trisha and Vijay have cast it.

Apart from his career and occupation of acting and producing his name, Stalin reflects his strong political and influential background. Apart from cinema, he is also a politician who is currently serving as a member of the legislative assembly of Tamil Nadu from the Chepauk-Thiruvallikeni Constituency in the state of Tamil Nadu. This constituency lies on the extreme west of the state.

Full Name Udhayanidhi Stalin
Nickname Jr Stalin
Place of Birth Tamil Nadu
Date of Birth 27 November, 1977
Nationality 45
Profession Sagittarius
Zodiac Sign Political, Actor, Youth Star


His zodiac sign is Sagittarius and as of the 2022 year on year, his age is 45 years. He was born in Madras which is the present-day Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

He’s a perfect example of how a brown man looks. His eye color is completely black and his hair color is to reflect a shade of good black.

His physical build is a good stature. His personality is such that in the domain of politics he can attract use towards his political affiliations.

He’s sometimes in the media reflected as the harbinger or the sole proprietor of rationalist sinking. He also handles his family business which has a range of services and goods to Offer.

What is his height?

Udhayanidhi Stalin, His build is quite tall for an Indian man. His height is approx 5‘8“ which is around 176 cm or 1.7 m which is exactly what is the average height of an Indian man is.

What is his weight?

His weight category is not known officially yet by seeing his height and his physically fit structure we can give an estimation that his height would be around 139 lbs 169 lbs that converts into 63 kg to 88 kg.

About his social media profiles and electronic handles?

His presence online can be found officially on three handles, which are as follows,

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, myneta.info.

Though he is present on social media platforms it looks that he’s very less active on all these handles.

On the national election watch website, he has done a declaration of his assets and criminal cases.

Currently, 22 criminal cases are going against him on the crime or meter.

He has assets worth 29,00,00,000 Indian rupees., He also has liabilities of around 1,35,000 Indian rupees.

On Twitter, we can see that he joined in 2011 January. He has 3 million followers and he follows around 585 people. He hasn’t been much active on Twitter his tweets are only 19,200 as of now.

Yet his Twitter profile is verified with a bluetick which many people love to get.

On Facebook again he has a page by his name. Here too she is very less active. His page transparency reflects that the page was created on 7 January 2015. He has a total of 8,44,629 lakhs as of January 2022. Here also his Facebook page is verified with a bluetick.

Many other Facebook pages are also present by his name these are handled by his fans and followers to promote his active presence when he is not engaged much on social media.

On Instagram, we see that he has 114 posts which reflects that here also he’s not much active he follows 91 people and Is being followed by 5,64,000 followers. Here too on Instagram he has a verified account with a bluetick.

Following are the links to his social media handles.

Instagram- UdhayanidhiStalin

Facebook- UdhayanidhiStalin

Twitter- UdhayanidhiStalin

More about his personality type?

His high industries in the field of politics in South India.

He is a courageous and useful politician who works for the upliftment of vulnerable people and the use of Tamil Nadu.

He does vociferous campaigns across the state of Tamil Nadu which indeed has helped his party secure a majority in the elections of assembly. It is his drive to bring transparency, accountability, and clarity to the politics of Tamil Nadu.

He is loved and adored by the youth of Tamil Nadu which brings with him a huge following which has helped create a huge and prosperous base of voters in his state. He also believes in the idea of acting and speaking less. He is also the secretary of the youth wing of his political party.

He is typically an outspoken optimist who is highly extrovert. He is a native to the principles of smartness, assertiveness, compassionate personality, and loyalty.

In the domain of film and cinema he’s quite sarcastic, he is brutally honest, he is very sensitive at heart, he is adventurous with the films that he takes.

He lost freedom and independence as has been reflected by himself in many interviews in media. He’s kindest of all end and outgoing idealistic in his investigative domain of life.

He is straightforward about what he wants and gets it with his sheer grit and hard work.

He likes to sail through all the obstacles of life believing that worship of work is the greatest virtue of life. Many times in the media is also reflected that independence is as important as life. He’s a wisest and honest man and quite philosophical too many times.

His outward superficial personality is quite charming, caring, funny, and has a flying sense of artistic exploration. He is also very social in the domain of politics and engages with the use and helps dwindle the ancient territory in the lives of the use of Tamil Nadu. He does not have just a vision for his state but also has a larger vision for the whole of India. He likes to explore challenges of life in all domains of his occupation be it cinema, theatre, production, movie, film, politics, and many more.

He has a very good sense of humor and does his work open-mindedly without any share of the opposition in Tamil Nadu state politics.

He likes to plan everything with detail and likes to execute them with style.

Recently in the media, he says that his philosophy for time is that it never comes back and you have to give your 110% at the moment which we have right now.

What about his parents, siblings, and personal life?

His grandfather‘s name was M Karunanidhi. His grandfather too has been the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for quite a long time that is two decades from 1962 to 2001. His grandfather was also an Indian writer by his side occupation. His father‘s name is MK Stalin that stands for Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin. His father too is a very Sterling and great Indian politician who has in the past served as chief minister of Tamil Nadu and who is currently also occupying the seat of current chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

She also has a few cousins who are also famous. Like Arun Neeti Tamil Arasu, who is an Indian actor best known for his role in Vamsam. Also, Dayanidhi Azhagiri is an Indian Tamil cinema producer and film distributor.

His mother’s name is Durga Stalin. His sister’s name is Senthamarai Sabers.

His family is very beautiful and they have immense love among them. Fans are also curious to know what about his married life.

Indeed Udhayanidhi is married to Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi. His wife is very beautiful and by occupation, she is also in the domain in the industry as film and cinema. She is by occupation a film writer and also director for which she is known widely in Tamil Nadu state. His wife has also many times made good Tamil films.

She also heads the lifestyle magazine by the name Inbox 1305.

They both married in the year 2002 and they both are parents of two children in total one is a daughter and another one is a son.

His son’s name is Inbanithi, And his daughter‘s name is Tanmaya. They both are very beautiful. Together his family is wholesome, reflective, and lovable. They set an example of how to best make a good family.

What are the 10 facts about Udhayanidhi Stalin?

– [ ] His start journey in Kollywood started not as an actor or a theatre list but as a wealthy in sterling film producer and distributor with his production company by the name red giant movies.

– [ ] In 2008 he released his first film when he played the role of a producer in it, the film was named Kuruvi which was an action comedy film a mix of many dynamic perceptions of cinema. In this film, Vijay and Trisha Krishnan played an imperative role.

– [ ] His projects when he played the role of film directors include Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, Which came in the year 2010, MadrasPattinam which came in the year 2010. Boss Engira Bhaskaran again in the year 2010, Mynaa in the year 2010, and recently in the year 2019 the film Bald.

– [ ] His first acting debut came in a romantic comedy film which was released in the year 2012 with co-star Hansika Motwani and Santhanam was Oru Kal Oru Kannada. This film was produced by his own production company.

– [ ] The first film which he did give him the prominent Filmfare award in the domain of best male debut south.

– [ ] It was in the year 2019 that he was inducted into his political party as youth wing secretary from then on he played an important role for the political party to garner youth towards politics.

– [ ] He has car collections of many expensive and luxurious vehicles such as Range Rover sports, land cruiser by Toyota, Mercedes Benz C Class C 200 CGI this car has been registered under his company name red giant movies, and also he has hummer H3 and many more luxurious cars.

– [ ] He has a total of three tattooed innings on his body which are as follows, the name of his son, the name of his daughter, and also the logo of the first acting debut film which he did.

– [ ] As of 2021 there is a total of 22 criminal cases have been registered against him from different districts in the state of Tamil Nadu yet no one of them has till now been effectively convicted upon him.

– [ ] Very less is known about his interest in car racing, which is reflected by his collection of cars.

What is his net worth according to the estimates?

According to the famous website wiki-bio. his net worth is around 27,00,00,000 rupees out of which the proportion of tangible movable acid is 21,00,00,000 and around 6 to 7,00,00,000 is an immovable asset.

But the most correct and the most strong information that we know about his wealth and as it comes from the official political website by Neta.Info. That is a national election watch website supported by Association for Democratic Reforms. According to this website, his total assets are around 29,00,00,000 Indian rupees which movable assets are around 22,53,38,380 Indian rupees and immovable assets account for around 6,54,39,552 Indian rupees.

These estimates are official and no distortion is found hence we can exactly rely on the data.

Favorite Things

Color Black and White
Destination Tamil Nadu
Actor Not Available
Actress Not Available
Sports Not Available
Sportsperson Not Available


Does he Drinks No information is available
Does he Drives Yes for his political campaigns
Does he Exercises Yes because he is also an Actor
Does he Cooks No information available
Does he meet people Yes, for his political life
Does he eat junk food No information available

FAQ section for fans to know more about his life?

Who is Udhayanidhi Stalin?

He is a very famous youth political icon in the state of Tamil Nadu who is currently serving as a member of the legislative assembly from a constituency far west in the state of Tamil Nadu. He comes from a very strong political family background where the current chief minister of Tamil Nadu state is his father. And his grandfather was too long-sitting chief minister of the state of Tamil Nadu. His famous among the youth of Tamil Nadu and has supported his political party immensely with his great and hard work.

Is he married?

According to all estimates indeed he is married to a very beautiful woman and together he and his wife have two children one in the form of a son and the other in the form of her daughter.

How old is he?

According to year-on-year basis estimates as of 2022, his age is wrong at 45 years old.

How tall is he?

 He is around 5‘8“ which is exactly how many Indian men are on average.

Where is he from?

He is from the state of Tamil Nadu where he was born and bought up and currently he is also situated in the same state.
To know more about this young and Sterling and energetic politician and actor, do follow our website regularly for consistent reports and information.

To know more about this young and Sterling and energetic politician and actor, do follow our website regularly for consistent reports and information.

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