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About her

Her full name is Sheena Melwani. She was born on the first of September in the year 1983. Her current age is 38 years. By occupation she is a Canadian American YouTuber, influencer on various social media platforms, also a singer, also ssongwriter musician, entrepreneur, and pianist from the city of Montréal in Canada.

She comes from a family background that is full of music.

Nickname Not Available
Place of Birth Montreal
Date of Birth 1 Sep, 1983
Profession Youtuber
Nationality Canadian
Zodiac Virgo
Age 38


When she was a child she had a deep desire to go into the music industry and since then she decided that she will go make a career in the field of music. From many sources, we ,know that she was raised in the city of Boston in the Massachusetts United States.

She has studied at the very famous University of Boston. After she graduated she then and began to focus seriously on her career in the field of music. She has deep black colour eyes which are very enticing and also she has hair colors which are dark black. Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

What is her height?

Her height is around 5’6” which is 1.6 m also which converts into 167 cm.

The average height of women in the US is 5‘4“ and Sheena Melwani is 2 inches more than that.

What is her weight?

Sheena Melwani has approximately 60 kg of wheat which is around 132 LBS. For her height this weight category is appropriate and she’s quite fit and healthy.

Social Media Handles?

Sheena Melwani is by occupation a social media influencer so it is because of this reason that she has many social media handles and accounts. The online presence on social media platforms are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and also Sheena Melwani has her website devoted to her own life. On TikTok, she has a username by the account @Sheenamelwani

This accoon TikTok she has around one 80 million likes which is a lot. Sheena Melwani also has a fan base of 8.5 million followers on TikTok. Her TikTok profile introduction follows as follow for music plus laughter daily. On Facebook she has a page by her name Sheena Melani. The profile is written as music, laughter, love.

On Facebook, She has around 268,000 follows her pages in the category of musician and band and she has what are you eating of five she’s very active on our social media platform on Facebook.

On Facebook, Sheena Melwani has a verified account with a bluetick.

On Instagram, she has a total of 451 posts as of 2022. Sheena Melwani follows 575 people and has a total following of whooping 1.7 million. She is Ali active on Instagram and on her introduction profile ,she writes that Sheena is a singer, song writer and a partner in crime with the Instagram channel of the real Indian dad. On Instagram, she has a verified account with bluetick.

On Twitter she ,has tota al of 3026 to each. She uses the tag as pa ositive spirit. On Twitter, she joined in March 2008. She follows 371 people has followed by 17,100 people.

But on Twitter, her account is not verified with a bluetick as it is with Instagram and Facebook.

On YouTube she, has her own YouTube channel which has verified tick. She has 1.14 million subscribers. She joined on YouTube on the 18th of November in the year 2007. On YouTube s,he has a total of 500,000,000+ views as of now. Fans can also follow her through her website by her name with domain.

On our website fans can purchase different kinds of merchandise by Sheena Melwani these include T-shirts caps and many more.If someone wants to contact Sheena Melwani professionally for some work for business can contact her on her professional Gmail Account by the ID given below.

Social Media Links

TikTok- SheenaMelwani 

Facebook- SheenaMelwani 

Instagram- SheenaMelawani 

Twitter- SheenaMelwani

YouTube- SheenaMelwani

Website- SheenaMelwani

Gmail- [email protected]

What about her personality?

She is Virgo by personality,  means she is very much practical and responsible. Sheena Melwani tends to like people around her and helps enjoy with them. She also enjoys helping those people. She is a hard time working and likes to relax when she is done with the work she is doing.

She is very much reliable she is logical and very observant.

She is faithful and modest and likes to entertain the fans over all the domains of the social media platform on which she is.

She still directed and by the grace of God very meticulous and reliable. She has a practical perception of life and wants to help others in the domain of the music industry too. She is a perfectionist.

What about your personal life and family?

She was born to an Indian parent. Exact information about her family is not known nor is known what is the name of your father and mother. But we know that her father is a businessman by occupation and her mother is a housewife by occupation

She also has siblings but exact information is not known.

Dinesh Melwani is the husband of Sheena Melwani who by occupation is also soca ial media influencer by profession is a lawyer. Dinesh Melwani handles social media account on YouTube by the name of the real Indian dad.

Sheena Melwani also has two children in the form of a son and a daughter. But the names are not real.



Food Pizza
Country USA
Place Canada, USA
Actor No
Actress No

Life Style

Does she drinks No Information
Does she drives No Information
Does she cooks No Information
Does she enjoys with people Yes she loves to engage over social media
Does she exercises Not sure
Does she eats junk food No Information

What is the net worth?

According to the various sources not much is known about what are networks this but still we can give an estimate of a range between one one million US dollars to two million US dollars . as of two thousand twenty-one.

Other sources estimated net worth between three million US dollars to seventeen US dollars for these estimates are also not confirmed till now.


Who is she?

Sheena Melwani is currently a social media influencer on different platforms which include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Arun website. She is very much famous for entertaining her fans.

Is she married?

Yes, she is married to the real Indian dad his name is Dinesh Melwani

How old is she?

Currently 38 years old

How tall is she?

Her height is around 5’6, which is more than the average height in the USA

Where is she from?

From the country Canada

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