sanjana ganesan, the sizzling anchor who is adored by the internet!

About her?

She’s kind, she is rational, the role that she plays all over the media rivets Eyes of everybody. She is none other than the famous sports anchor Sanjana Ganesan.

She was born on the sixth of May in the year 1991 on Monday. As of the year 2022, on a year-on-year basis, her age is 31.

She was born in the city of Pune which is a cosmopolitan based in the state of Maharashtra, which is situated in the extreme southeast of the Indian Peninsula.

By nationality, she is an Indian and a very rational being too.

During her early years of life when she was a child she did her schooling from the Bishop’s school which is a private school in General Bhagat Marg camp in Pune Maharashtra.

Then on she decided that she will do her education further. She decided that she would study in the field of engineering when she enrolled herself in the year 2012 in the famous symbiosis Institute of technology-based in Pune Maharashtra. It was at symbiosis Institute of technology that she pursued her BTech degree in 2012. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Her biography and more information?

By occupation, she is a TV host. But that was not what she wanted to do as reflected by her college degree. But it was only when she did her debut in the TV series by the name MTV Splitsvilla season seven that her career Shastri got shifted from engineering to media and entertainment.

She has been awarded, honored in many ways.

She won the gold medal award at the symbiosis Institute of technology Pune when she was studying BTech.

In the year 2012, she was the finalist of Femina-style diva. Again next year she was the finalist of Femina Miss India, Pune in the year 2013.

In the year 2013 again she was the winner of Femina officially gorgeous awards. Her eyes or dark black that of a sizzling.

Her hair color is dark brown which adds to her overall duty. By religion, she’s a Hindu and by caste she’s Kallar.

What is the height?

Her height is approx 5‘5“ which is around 1.65 m and in terms of centimeters, it is 165.

Her height is 1 inch above the average height of women in India.

What is her weight?

Not much is known about Harpreet but if we see her personality and physiology we can see that her weight is in between the range of 51 kg to 62 kg which is an effective weight for Her height.

What about her social media profiles and media handles?

As we have mentioned that she is the television presenter and anchor as per her profession.

She has social media handles on two platforms. Following is the platform.

She has accounts on Instagram and Twitter. These are only the two ways in which sense could engage and interact with her on social media.

On Twitter she is following 199 people as of 2022, she has more than 4200 tweets, she has a following of 1,03,000 followers.

On Twitter, she joined in the year 2009 in April. She joined Twitter 13 years ago.

Her account on Twitter is verified with a bluetick.

Though she’s on Twitter her frequency of using it is quite less, which means she is not that active on Twitter.

On the social media handle of Instagram as of 2000 22 she has around 1200+ posts, she follows around 363 people. On Instagram to her account is verified with a bluetick. She has around 6,94,000 followers.

It is seen that on her Instagram handle she is quite frequent where she uploads her personal as well as professional life regularly. She also engages with a lot of stories. Her Instagram profile reads as -Digital insider for ICC, TV presenter, nerd, a perpetual child.

That means she is quite engaging in our life.

She is the cricket anchor for the international cricket Council and many times she has done many shows for IPL as a presenter.

Following are her social media handles,



More about her personality type?

Sanjana is a free spirit. She likes to read different genres of books she likes to dance and also engage herself in adventure sports. She has a firm mind which changes rarely. The decisions that she Te affirm and resolute. She’s a quite cautious and unusual situation which she takes as a rational creature. As-Is reflected by her work in the domain of presenting and cricket anchor it is seen that, She does not mind working hard and guessing 110% in her work. She prefers to be self-reliant and never depends much upon anybody.

She is very resilient and quite stubborn about her life goals and visions about the future. She likes to maintain good and effective relationships with her family and friends and also her colleagues.

She has many positive traits such as she is very kind she’s very generous, is very trustworthy, she is very determined, and very much hard-working. She likes to have fun when she presents her work. As an anchor, she enjoys the television when the show goes live. She is also having a good sense of humor as is reflected in the kind of optimistically sarcastic jokes that she makes on television.

Her work is effectively appreciated by many people and many call her artistically humble and subtly trustworthy.

She lives in reality and knows that life is full of struggles but you have to be optimistic about it and work hard daily. She receives lots of love from her family from her friends as well as from the fans who love how she delivers and presents her anchor ship.

She is mature she is composed and she is very much faithful about her life. As we have noted that she believes in the ideals of Hinduism and thus has strong-minded Ness, kindness, and bravery are her key personality characteristics.

What is inside her personal life and is she married?

Her father’s name is Ganeshan Ramaswamy, Who by profession is a management guru and a management author. Her mother‘s name is Dr. Sushma Ganesh and, her mother by profession and occupation is a lawyer and also fitness coach. She has one sibling in form of her younger sister. Her sister‘s name is Sheetal Ganesh and my profession is a dentist. Her sister is beautiful to just like her.

She does not have any brother as a sibling.

She is currently married to Jasprit Bumrah. Jasprit Bumrah is a very famous and Sterling Indian cricketer. He plays for the Indian international cricket and Indian national cricket team in all domains and formats of the game. He is very famous and very young just 28 years old.

From here we know that she married Jasprit Bumrah on the 15th of March in the year 2021. That means they do not have had finished the first anniversary by now.

As per official estimates, they both do not have any children because the marriage is very young and very recent.

But in the past, Sanjana Ganesan had an affair in the form of a boyfriend among whom the most prominent one was Ashwini Koul, From the year 2014 to the year 2015. Ashwini Koul, Is a famous Indian television actor. It was his famous contested dating show in which he came which was MTV Splitsvilla in seasons six and seven from where he rose to great prominence in the television industry. Ashwini and Sanjana Ganesan met for the first time in season seven of MTV Splitsvilla.

And it was in the year 2015 Ashwini and Sanjana Ganesan partied to be with each other and broke up. Apart from this, not much is known about her personal life.

What are the 10 amazing facts about Sanjana Ganesan?

– [ ] Though she got media support and the same when she was in the shoe of MTV Splitsvilla button reality she gained huge prominence only after she hosted the 2019 cricket World Cup from the side of India. She also has been attached to star sports and presents multifarious sports events related to that channel.

– [ ] She is very good in her studies because when she was in a college pursuing her BTech after finishing the BTech she was the gold medalist which is in itself a very good character of that student.

– [ ] When she finished her studies as an engineer she worked in the company by the name CDK global from the year 2013 to 2014 as a software engineer.

– [ ] She joined the shield of presenter ship only in the year 2014 when she was appointed as Key presenter on the television channel of Star Sports. In many media interviews, she has reflected on how star sports and the field of presenting what’s a jovial accident happened in her life.

– [ ] When she has engaged herself in the television show of MTV Splitsvilla season seven she sustained a damaging injury in her hand which disabled her to perform well which many cite as the reason for her not winning the show.

– [ ] In her sealed she has hosted many multifarious sporting events three of which are very famous which are, Indian premier league IPL, badminton premier league BBL, and Indian super league ISL.

– [ ] In the field of cricket for a long time the year 2016 she has been associated with the famous cricket team by the name KKR that stands for Kolkata Knight Riders. For this cricket team, she has posted many shoes one of them by the name Knight Club.

– [ ] With the work that she does with Kolkata Knight Riders she has engaged many times with the famous superstar of Bollywood, King Khan, the star Shah Rukh Khan.

– [ ] When she was hosting the World Cup in the year 2019 from the Indian side she reflected in the media that it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

– [ ] She has a pet dog by the name Zara, and she’s also deeply in love with animals and more precisely in love with dogs.

What is Sanjana Ganesan’s net worth?

Fans are very much curious to know how much her network is.

According to the famous website she charges around 30,00,00 rupees for a single show as an income.

According to the website, Her net worth is around US$1 million.

According to celeb, Her net worth is around half a million dollars to US$1 million.

According to another net worth-based website, Sanjana Ganesan’s net worth is approx in the range of 2 million US$ to 5 million US$ as of 2021.

According to the famous news channel republic, her net worth combined with Jasprit Bumrah‘s net worth is around US$1 million-US$2 million.

These estimates are not official as she has not disclosed them in the public domain they are all seeds that we get from different sources – we say that one should not exactly depend upon these data.

Yet on a group basis, we can see that her net worth is around in the range between one million US dollars to two million US dollars that is considerable for a young sterling independent presenter in India.

Favorite Things

Color White
DestinationNot Available
ActorShah Rukh Khan
ActressNot Available
SportspersonVirat Kohli


Drinks Alcohol No Information Available
Does she Drives No Information Available
Does she Cooks No Information Available
Does she ExerciseYes she does, as she is model and anchor by profession
Does she enjoys with peopleYes, her occupation demands it
Is she VegetarianNo Information Available

Few FAQs about her?

Who is Sanjana Ganesan?

She is a very famous news anchor and sports journalist. She has been working for many years in this industry and has been associated with many news channels such as Star Sports, ICC, and many other famous TV channels related to sports.

Is she married?

Yes, she is married to Jasprit Bumrah. Their marriage is very recent on the 15th of March 2021.

How old is she?

Where age as of 2022 is 32 years old.
What is her height? Her height is around 5‘5“ which is 1 inch more than what is the age of Indian women are on average who is the

Where is she from?

She’s from the cosmopolitan city of Pune which is in the state of Maharashtra in the southwest region of India.
To know more about Sanjana Ganesan do follow our website news innovative regularly for frequent updates.

To know more about Sanjana Ganesan do follow our website news innovative regularly for frequent updates.

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