Safa Baig, the beautiful wife of famous cricketer Irfan Pathan


About Her

Her name is Safa Biag. Her nickname is Safa. She was born on the 28th of February in the year 1994. Her age as of 2022 is 28 years.

She was born in a place called Jeddah, Which is a port city on the Red Sea in the country of Saudi Arabia. This port city is considered to be a modern commercial hub and an influential gateway for the pilgrimage is to the holy city of Mecca and Medina.

Her current hometown is in the city of Baroda which is in the state of Gujarat, located in the southwest region of the Indian peninsula.

Real Name Safa Baig or Safa Mirza
Birth Place Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Nickname Safa
Date of Birth 28 Feb, 1994
Age 28
Nationality Indian
Profession Former Model
Zodiac Sign Aquarius


Biography and Wiki

Mostly she is called by her first name Safa by her friends and families.

By profession, she is a model and works in the fashion industry. She also has many hobbies, one among them is Nail art.

Safa Baig, Has very beautiful dark black eyes. And also her hairs are of brown and black color. Her nationality is Indian and she spends time very beautiful in India.

She comes from a very rich family and during her childhood, she was raised by her father.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

She is a very famous model in India and is known for her facial features more than her physiological body.

She is very cute and has a very sober and serious face.

What is her height?

Her height is 5’5” which is around 165 cm or 1.65 m. Her height is 1 inch more than the average height of Indian women. She looks gorgeous in such a proper height.

What is her weight?

Safa Baig’s Weight is around 110 LBS, which converts into 50 kg. Her weight is good for her size and her height. She does not look so lean nor is she so fat. Her weight is just perfect and she loves her body too much.

About her social media profiles and handles?

Many famous models have social media profiles but she does not have any. It is not known why does Safa Baig has no social media profile. Hence find this thing very much awkward that they have asked Safar many times in the media why does she not have any social media account.

But she handles the account of her son whose name is Imran K Pathak on Instagram. Imran K Pathak is having an account on the social media platform Instagram. As of January 2022, the account has 193 posts. 82,600 people follow it. And the account is following 20 people. The introduction of the Instagram account handled by Safa Mirza the mother of Imran K Pathak read as the following?

“ I love chocolate and dinosaurs”

It’s my mommy Safa Mirza, Mrs  @IrfanPathan_official Who takes care of the two of us and the profile.


More about Safa Mirza, or Safa Baig’s personality type?

She is not on social media so we cannot tell much about her openly but following things are known through different sources.

Safa Mirza is artistic and does unconventional things in our life. Safa Mirza is quite innovative and unpredictable in her talents.

She is quite socially able and smart. She is an intellectual with independent and Original humor. She is very friendly quiet and creative.

Many times in the interview she said that she is a very independent thinker and very friendly to those who are friendly to her. Safa Mirza is rational in her approach towards life and she tells the media that she tends to take less and to be very loyal and idealistic.

Safa Mirza loves to be Original and creative in her Work.

Safa Mirza or Safa Baig, Is a very progressive thinker and she pays a lot of attention to the details of life. She is very happy when she is with her family which includes her husband and her child. She’s also shy about many emotional matters and she likes to keep them to herself.

Safa Mirza is a good fit for those who love her.

So far Mirza is psychologically creative and smart and loves to enjoy the moments. Physiologically she has a very beautiful body and she’s physically very much feet.

She is and has been in the past a very beautiful model she loves to take care of her face and physiology. She has a very cute smile and her eyes are very deep which fans love about her.

She is an Aquarius woman with the idea of empowerment. She is very proud of her and she likes to take the challenges of life with fun and adventure.

She likes to hardly handle tha ings softly.

She is very fluent in her sarcasm and likes to maintain distance from toxic people.

She is very free-spirited and charming fans love her for her beauty and the rule which she plays in her life.

She is a very social person yet keeps her personal life to a self.

She is humanitarian loves animals independent and broad-minded creatures.

Safa Mirza is friendly and affable. She has strong convictions about life that life is a gift that one should live on an day basis.

Safa Mirza likes to take life in practical terms and she thinks intuitively about how she feels for herself and her father. She is inventive and artistic.

Safa Mirza is a very logical person who likes to combine youthful Ness with entertainment and she is very much idealistic.



Actor Salman Khan
Actress Katrina Kaif
Food Ice Cream, and Gulab Jamun
Country India
Place Mecca, Saudi Arabia


Drink Alcohol No information available
Does she drive No information available
Does she exercises As she has been a model, yes
Does she eats junk food No she loves to eat clean
Does she cooks Yes, for her family and friends
Does she enjoys with people With her family and friends
Is she vegetarian No information available

What is inside her personal life and about her family?

Safa Baig, Or Safa Mirza comes from Maa Muslim family based in Saudi Arabia. Suffer by religion follows Islam Islam.

Her father’s name is Mirza Farooq Baig, And the name of the mother of Safa Mirza is not known to us.

Regarding who is her brother it is also not known.

Safa Mirza sister or four the youngest name is Sidra, and she has three more sisters.

The other three sisters of Safa Baig, Are not known.

It was in the year 2014 – Irfan Pathan, who is a very famous former Indian cricketer and an actor met Safa Mirza at a social gathering event in Saudi Arabia.

And for the next two years Irfan Pathan who is an Indian and suffers Mirza both dated together. These two years were the most beautiful years of life as both the couples tell right now in the media. And after the passage of two years Irfan Pathan and Safa Baig, Married in the year 2016. In the year 2016 they both married in the transcendental city of Mecca which is situated in Saudi Arabia country. Together Irfan Pathan and Safa Mirza, or Baig have A very beautiful son who was born in the year 2016. Irfan Pathan and Safa Mirza’s son’s name is Imran Khan Pathan.

Imran Khan Pathan is currently seven years old. Safa Baig And her husband Irfan Pathan and her son Imran Khan Pathan all look together towards a healthy life. They all live together beautifully and she loves her son very much.

Safa Mirza’s son has his own Instagram account which is not handled by himself. The social media account on Instagram is handled by his mother who is Safa Baig. Together this family is the most beautiful family fans know about.

Not much is known about the relationships which Safa Mirza had in the past before marrying, Irfan Pathan Khan. And very little is known about her personal life before marrying in the year 2016.

What are the 10 amazing facts about Safa Baig?

– [ ] She is considered to be the most beautiful and Sterling model in the region of East Asia but she had to discontinue her occupation of modeling after she got married in the year 2016.

– [ ] Safa Baig, After she got married in the year 2016 to Irfan Pathan from then on she started to their full-time Burqa.

– [ ] She does not have any social media account but she likes to manage the social media account on Instagram of her son Imran Pathan Khan.

– [ ] When she was in Saudi Arabia she started her career with a public relations firm but later on, she decided to stop it.

– [ ] Safa Baig, Has started in the past in the international Indian school which is in Jeddah.

– [ ] She has a difference of 10 years between the ages of her husband Irfan Pathan. When she married in the year 2016 Irfan Pathan she was 21 years old only.

– [ ] Safa Mirza has a hobby of nail art and likes to decorate things in the house and also beautify things around the house.

– [ ] She has highlighted her hair with brown color but inside the shade, it is dark black.

– [ ] Her eyes are beautiful and fans tell in the media that the loudest feature of her face is her nose and her lips which reflects how the model should look like.

– [ ] She looks very much beautiful and sometimes people say that she may be an English woman but she’s from Saudi Arabia which when fans know they are very amazed about it.

What is Safa Baig’s Net-worth?

According to the website, Safa Mirza‘s net worth is around US$1.5 million.

A famous website by the name popular estimates that she is worth around US$7 million.

US$2 million is the net worth of Safa Baig, as is shown on the page of biography

Irfan Pathan‘s net worth is around US$3 million which could be considered part of the net worth of Saba Mirza.

All these estimates which we have studied from the web reflect that the data on the internet is completely skewed and we cannot rely on the data. The net worth we can say of Safa is between US$1 million US$5 million which is still is not the right estimate.

FAQ section?

Who is Safa Mirza?

Safa his former model was born in the country of Saudi Arabia in the year 2016 she married Irfan Khan and then she settled in India. She and Irrfan Khan have a son whose name is Imran Khan who is currently seven years old.

Is she married?

Safa is married to Irrfan Khan in the year 2016 who was an Indian and Safa was in Saudi Arabia.
Together they have a son whose name is Imran Khan.

How old is she?

As of January 2022, each is around 28 years old. When she married in 2016 she was 21 years old.

How tall is she?

Safa Mirza’s, Height is 5‘5“ which is 1 inch more than the average height of an Indian woman.

Where is she from?

Mirza is from Saudi Arabia where she was born but later she married the famous Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan and then settled in the country of India.

To know more about the celebrity and the model do follow news innovative websites regularly for frequent updates.

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