Shantal Monique, Hot model of America is making the internet go crazy!

Shantal Monique, Is a super hot model who is born on 2 April in the year 1989 in the city of Seattle which is the city of budget sound, In the Pacific Northwest, which is surrounded by water, evergreen forest, mountains, and thousand acres of Parkland. Seattle is in Washington DC, in the United States of America. That brings an age to 30 till now. By her zodiac sign, we can tell it is Aries. Her nationality is that of American and she has been recognized as one of the most famous best known and superhot model and she has worked also in the field of playboy magazine

Shantal Monique Bio, Height and Weight, Zodiac Sign & More

She is also a famous Instagram model. She does not like ignorance, doubt, and negativity in her career and also her personal life. One of her pussy has reflected that one should use the fear of ignorance negativity and doubt as gasoline and take weed out and just drive in life.


Real nameShantal Monique
NicknameArizona Dream
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington DC
Date of BirthApril 2, 1989
Age As of 2022 year on year is 33
ProfessionModelling, Actress, Instagram Star
Zodiac SignAries

Her height and weight?

Her height is 5‘4“ which is around 1.6 m or 162 cm. This is just exactly how much According to the centers for disease control and prevention CDC report of 2018 is average height is among all the American women from the age of 22 beyond.

If you talk about Her weight and mass, she is 54 kg which is around 119 LBS. Her weight is way below, The average weight United States of America, Which stands at 170 LBS.

Shantal Monique

About Shantal Monique Social Media Profiles

She’s on Twitter Facebook Instagram and many other social media handles. On Instagram she has around 150 posts, she follows 289 people on Instagram. In a very short amount of time, she’s going to followers more than 1.4 million on Instagram. That is too much for a very young superhot model of her age 33. She shares photos from my private life on Instagram which allows her fans to have a closer look into what is going in our personal life.

She receives all kinds of comments and different levels of likes on her profile. She is the host of a podcast called Coffee and cleavage. She’s a published model and works primarily from her Instagram handle.

Apart from Instagram she also has a page on Facebook by the same name which is a verified account. She’s right now based in Southern California. On her Facebook profile, she has 8.9 million followers.

  • She is also on Twitter which has currently as of 1 January 2022, 2638 tweets,
  • On Twitter, she joined in December 2011, 11 years ago which is very early.
  • On Twitter, she, Follows 50 people and is being followed by  155.5K followers

Fans can also find her on her own YouTube channel which is by the name coffee and cleavage which has a total Subscription base of 9000 plus subscribers. Her post on Instagram shows her mentality and her personality too. Here’s what we know about your personality from web posts on social media.


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Social Media handles links and portfolio website links

Portfolio Website

Favorite Things

ColorBlack, Pink, White
DestinationCalifornia, Seattle
ActorNot Available
Sports Beach Volleyball
SportspersonNot Available
ActressNot Available


Does she swimYes she loves it
Does she drinks alcoholNo information available
Does she drivesYes she loves long ride
Does she cooksNo information available
Does she exercisesShe hits the GYM regularly
Does she eat junk foodOnly sporadically, as she is very health conscious
Does she enjoys with peopleYes, with family and friends
Is is vegetarianNo information available

More about Shantal Monique personality Type

She openly talks about the anxiety of the public, of fighting little things in life to become many great people.

She also told that when she was in childhood she was feeling by circumstances that will beyond her ability to change but then she wanted her life to be successful and she worked hard in that domain. She believes in her stay positive attitude and believes that even working hard indeed fresh and beautiful days would come. She also tells that when we have a hard decision to make a life people will come and ridicule us and make erroneous assumptions about us. It is these things that we have to fight regularly.

She says that we should take charge in our lives to be strong we should not be weak. Yet our man should be calm but not too silent. She also said in a recent post that one should not apologize to others for who they are. People a strong intelligent and sexy. She does that we should remind ourselves that we are very strong and we should lift others every time that we have the option to do so.

On social media handles many times she does promotions in which she launches many small to large brands.

She has launched for example coffee and cleavage podcast which was hosted by her friend.

She is a very inspiring positive energy and good vibrations felt model on Instagram that inspires other girls who want to be a model in the future.

Her positive statement is that to make life very successful you need some favorite tools which she says that positive self-affirmations are one of them which can direct your life into a thankful and successful gift.

What is inside her personal life, and what about her Boyfriend?

Fans are also curious to know about her parents, siblings, and relationship status. Though she is a very famous public figure and celebrity on different social media handles yet not much is known about her family life like who is her father and mother who is her siblings. Despite being a very great public figure she does not share much of her private life and personal life. She has also now not spoken about her relationship status.

This mysterious skepticism about her leads her fans to think in the line that she is single. That she has never been married and does not have any child. But we cannot say for sure because these are not official estimates. Future holds many gifts, and it may be happening that she may come out with her information of personal life.

What are 10 amazing facts about Shantal Monique?

  • In the year 2011 she was featured on various shoots of the famous and Sterling magazine Playboy Cybergirls. Which gave her huge prominence in that year.
  • In 2018 she appeared in five different episodes and then went on to work to build herself into getting the Cybergirl of the year award.
  • She has also acted in dick films though the rule was not too big. The film is Neymar piranha 3D and silent love stories heartbeat.
  • She has been featured in the famous Playboy magazine twice and fans also see the background of all the photoshoots on her and the playboy’s YouTube channel.
  • She has been nicknamed the Arizona dream by many people. Also as Bae all day by her fans.
  • Her personality is to do the great hustle, self-care, push your limits, eat differently, working out effectively.
  • She is Caucasian by her ethnic city and has exciting experience in the field of modeling.
  • She also has her portfolio website by the name Shantal Monique.
  • She loved to spend her free time outdoors by experiencing new foods and enjoying current time with her family and friends.
  • On her website she also sells photographed prints by her at $25 per piece rate.

Shantal Monique Net Worth?

Fans are also curious to know what a network is. Let us know about it. According to a survey her net worth is approx US$100,000 to 1, million US$.

  • According to biography and net worth is around US$1 million.
  • According to all famous, her net worth is around close to one million US dollars.
  • According to her net worth is around 1 million US dollars.
  • According to all her net worth is around 1 million US dollars to five million US dollars as of twenty.
  • According to public, her net worth is around 1 million US$ to 2 million US$.
  • According to biography spy, her net worth is around US$1 million.

From all these estimates we can see her net worth around 1 million US$ to 5 million US$ yet these estimates are not official and hence we cannot confirm and rely on the numbers.


Who is Shantal Monique?

She is an American all-famous Instagram star a very sizzling hot bikini model and also an ignite international model. She has been posing for a very famous magazine called Playboy magazine since the year 2011 she has also won many awards for her posing.

Is she married?

According to all the estimates we have found she has not reflected in the media if she is married or not that she can see that she is still single.

How old is she?

According to your birth date as of 2022 in year on a year basis, she is 33 years old.

How tall is she?

Her height is around 5’4” that is around the average height of women in America.

Where is she from?

She is from the state of Washington DC is a city called Seattle. Currently, she is situated in southern California.

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