Kritika Malik “The One Who Loves Fitness”

Mrs. Kritika Malik is the stage name of fitness model and social media influencer. She is a 27-year-old woman from India. Armaan Malik and his wife, Kritika Malik, are known for their fitness films in the gym. Her entire extended family creates Instagram video reels for her. Instagram Reels has been a go-to source for the most popular footage of Kritika Malik’s family life lately, too.

Kritika Malik: Personal Info, Age, Spouse And Kids; Videos And Wiki

Renu Saharan has been appearing with Kritika Malik and Armaan Malik for some time now, and she has also done multiple Romantic videos with Arman Malik, which is why she is in the news, and people say she is Armaan Malik’s third wife.

Kritika Malik, her husband Armaan Malik, and Payal Malik are now working on a video for a Haryanvi song in which they play lead roles. Maachis is the name of this song. Renu Saharan, Kritika Malik, and the rest of her family can now be seen in the video.

Early life Introduction of Kritika Malik

Real Name Kritika Malik
Nick Name Kritika
Birth placeNew Delhi
ProfessionShe is a youtuber and also Tik Tok star .
Zodiac Signgemini
Age27 years
Date of Birth20th March 1994

Height and Weight of Kritka Malik (2022 UPDATED)

Heights5″9 Inches
Kritika Age in 202226 years
latest post on Instagram of Kritika Malik
latest post on Instagram of Kritika Malik

Brief Description About the Kritika Malik Including Facts 

On March 20, 1994, Kritika Malik was born in New Delhi, India. She completed her education at Kamal Public Senior Secondary School located in Vikaspuri, New Delhi, and from Delhi University she completed her graduation. She is a youtuber and also a Tik Tok star by profession. Her entire family makes videos on Instagram reels, and many of these reels are going viral on Instagram these days. Her husband’s name is Armaan Malik, who is often known as Sandeep.

He has decided to become a fitness model, and for this reason, she is very active in the gym. Kritika is employed at Photo fit. She has already collaborated with this company on a music video. Maachis is the name of the song, and it was sung by Amit Saini Rohtakiya. Now they’re working on a new song video, which is also a Photo fit project, and the song’s name is yamraj.

She made a Tik Tok / Instagram Reels video for fun, then became intrigued and started making Tik Tok videos.

Armaan Malik handles her YouTube fitness channel. “family fitness” is the name of his YouTube channel, which has 540,000 subscribers. has two siblings. His sister’s name is Swati Basra, and his brother’s name is Kushal Basra. The father’s and mother’s names of Kritika are not updated yet.

He created Tik Tok videos with Armaan Malik, which helped her grow more on social media. As we have seen, many Tik Tok stars have gone viral on Instagram with their reels showcasing their special talents, and Kritika Malik is one of them. She is a devotee of Hinduism. Ritika Malik is busy dancing and listening to music, and has a great interest in gymnastics. Si, that was a brief description of Malik and his personal life.

Further Information about his husband -:

Renu Saharan has been seen with Kritika Malik and Armaan Malik on multiple occasions, and she has also been in several romantic videos with Arman Malik, which is why she is in the news, and some people believe she is Armaan Malik’s third wife.

Kritika, her husband, armaan Malik, and their daughter, Payal Malik, are currently working on a Haryanvi song video for which they require a number one position. Maachis is the title of this tune. Renu Saharan, along with Kritika and the rest of her family, is now seen in the video.


Eye Colorblack
Hair Colorlight brown
Shoes size6 US

Kritika Malik Boyfriend, Husband & Affair

Armaan Malik is Kritika Malik’s husband. They frequently feature in Instagram Reels together.

Kritika Malik Instagram & Tiktok

Her Instagram handle is Kritika_Malik_9, and she has over 3.9 million followers. On April 24, 2021, Kritika Malik had 2 million Instagram followers. Kritika Malik is the first member of Arman Malik’s family to have 2 million Instagram followers. They threw a house party to commemorate reaching 2 million followers, and Armaan Malik’s family and crew were there.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Kritika malik (@kritika_malik_9)


Her Instagram account was verified with a Blue Badge in September 2021, so she congratulated her followers by posting on her Instagram. In which she stated, “Finally became verified on Instagram.” Thank you so much for your love and support, everyone. 

Carrier Details of Kritika Malik

Kritika Malik works for the company Photofit. She has already collaborated with this firm on a song video. The song is called Maachis, and it was performed by Amit Saini Rohtakiya. They are currently working on a new song video, which is also a Photofit company production, and the name of this song is Yamraj.

  • She made a TikTok & Instagram Reels video just for fun, but she became interested in it and began making TikTok videos.
  • Kritika enjoys making videos and strives to deliver a unique concept in each video with Different Feel.
  • She is also working on the YouTube platform.
  • He believes that “Social Media” is an excellent platform for showcasing her abilities.
  • People were overwhelmingly supportive of Armaan and Kritika.


Kritika Malik Is Married or What’s the Martial Status of Katika Malik?

Yes, Kritika Malik Is Married and Her Husband Name Is Armaan Malik

What’s the Religion of Kritika Malik?

She Follows the Hinduism

What’s the Zodiac Sign of Kritika?


Kritika ‘s Source of Income?

YouTube Channel Is the Main Source of Income for Kritika.

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