Fans Would Welcome a New Member In The Family of Marvel Greatly!

A New Series by Marvel Is Here!

Family of Marvel

Marvel comics, indeed have meant and a formidable brand name which has given America as well as the whole world with a lot of different and wide-ranging superheroes and heroines of all time. And always amazes me with a new main element and one such element in the form of a superheroine has been announced by the Marvel world. The new TV series is called Ms. Marvel. Which has been created by Bisha K Ali, Who is a screenwriter and a British stand-up comedian. This would come in the form of a miniseries on American television, and four others worldwide too.

What Is This All About?

Family of Marvel

This mini-series would be streaming on the services at Disney plus and the new adoption is of Kamala Khan. Kamala Khan is a superhero and a PS in comic books published by them in our world. She is a teenager who is an American Muslim from the city of Jersey in New Jersey.

It will become De television series in the sixth number in the Marvel cinematic universe which is a big American franchisee.

Who Are the Casts?

In the TV series Imam Vellani, Who is a Canadian actress from Ontario would play the role of Kamala Khan a.k.a MS. Marvel?

Other casts include. Saagar Shaikh, Mohan Kapur, Aramis Knight, Matt Lintz, Zenobia Shroff, and many more. This series was announced in August year 2013. The main lead of Imam Vellani, Was cast in September 2020 with others such as Fallah, El Arbi, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and also Meera Menon. Meena was hired as the series director.

Imam will play the role of the main superhero as Kamala Khan. Who is a Muslim Pakistani American 16 years old superhero from the city of Jesse? She also has abilities such as shapeshifting.

Aramis Knight would play a vigilante as reading dagger.

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Saagar Shaikh would play the role of Kamala’s old brother.

Rish Shah would play as Kamran.

Zenobia Shroff, playing Kamala‘s mother and also as Yusuf’s wife.

The role of Kamal as a father would be played by Mohan Kapur.

Matt Lintz playing Kamal’s best friend.

The Shoot Has Been Done, Did You Know It!

Filming of the series begins in November year 2020 and the shooting goes in places like Atlanta, New Jersey, and Jose Georgia and it was finally in May 2021 that the shooting of the filming of the series ended or culminated in Thailand.

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As per the scheduled premiere of this series it is scheduled to be on around August and September in the year 2022, roughly the middle of 2022. This will contain a total of six episodes and it is a part of the MCU, that is Marvel cinematic universe.

Let’s Hope for the Best

The series and movies by the banner of Marvel have always filled the hearts of fans with great exaltation, now it needs to be seen how this new series of MS Marvel Would play out to be in the market. And how it would impact the image of marvel.

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