“Conor McGregor” (A tough fight to be watched )

Legacy laid by Conor McGregor

On July 14, 1988, Conor Mcgregor was born in Crumlin, Ireland. His parents’ names are Margaret and Tony McGregor. McGregor has made a handsome profit from his fights, first and foremost. Floyd Mayweather was one of his most lucrative battles. McGregor’s guaranteed price was $30 million, but he earned $85 million from the fight alone, according to Forbes.

He is a professional mixed martial artist from Ireland who has won the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship, fighter of the year in 2015 and 2016, best fighter in 2016, most charismatic fighter of the year in 2016, breakthrough fighter of the year in 2016, UFC Featherweight Championship, UFC Lightweight Championship, and fight of the Night (twice) against Nate Diaz. In the sport of wrestling, he is a living legend who has done a great lot.

There is no contest between Conor McGregor and UFC fighter… If you believe Canor can Win Otherwise, you are most certainly unaware of the basics of combat.

Conor McGregor

My justification is as follows:

Jake Paul is a contentious youtuber who has won two low-level boxing matches, one against NBA player Nate Robinson and the other against other youtubers who have never truly trained professionally in a combat sport. Jake Paul is an excellent example of a fit man who may or may not know a few moves.

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“The last time McGregor boxed, he lost,” some people claim. He fell against Floyd Mayweather, widely regarded as one of, if not THE finest, professional boxer of all time (50–0 record). I have no doubt that McGregor had no intention of winning this bout; he has spent the most of his life training Mixed Martial Arts rather than Boxing, and he only did it for the money.

Conor McGregor

ConclusionIf we make a conclusion then it will be a tough fight between both of them , but Jake Paul is much ahead in this competetion .

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