Tina Hassel Jung- an inspirational leading women of the world

Today, we discuss what we know about Tina Hassel Jung, popularly known as Tina Hassel is a German Broadcast journalist and TV presenter. She is a very successful and popular personality on German broadcasting media. She was born on 11th May 1964 in the city of Cologne. After years of early education, she stepped into the world of higher education by getting admitted to the universities of Cologne and Bordeaux. She completed her studies and earned the prestigious Magister degree in German studies, History as well as Political science.


As a student, Tina Hansel recognized her passion. She started working at radio broadcasting channels and television channels in mainly Germany and France. She continued to earn fame ever since. She started volunteering at the Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and continued for four years till 1994. In the meantime, she started exploring the fields of editing and also practiced as a presenter. Her concern in political aspects and global harmony is evident from the membership of Atlantik-Brucke which promotes German-American understandings. However, while reporting for ARD on the Alliance 90/Greens party convention, her tweet was claimed for lacking neutrality. Though she was accused and criticized for this action, the journalist later rejected the entire accusation and clearly stated that she had posted the tweets based on neutral ground.


Tina’s career reached its peak when she started as a presenter on Tv channels. She worked for ARD at quite a variety of posts. She has been a Paris correspondent of ARD, the foreign head at WDR and to top it all she became the director and chief television editor at the ARD. She was the moderator of the ‘Weltspiegel’ program and also guided the group of ‘Europe and Abroad’. She successfully took this position and set a record as the first-ever woman to occupy such a prestigious post. She has been a terrific interviewer to a number of celebrities as well. All of these interviews are globally acclaimed. Later on, she took over the management post of the Capital studio at ARD.

Personal Life

The famous journalist began her marital life by marrying Tillman Schumacher and is the mother of three children. While working at hectic and respectable positions in her career, she pretty smartly balances her personal life as well. Tina is also known to be a generous and humble human being. Her cooperation and involvement in certain institutions prove the same. She is a patron of Kinderhospiz Bethel in Bielefeld, which primarily deals with the betterment of mental health and suffering.

Tina Hassel Jung is an inspirational name on the list of leading women of the world. Her work and her ethics are not only motivational but highly influential as well. Her involvements in political grounds, as well as achievements in her career, are strikingly noteworthy. So what do you think about Tina Hassel Jung? Isn’t she inspiring?

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