Did you know these facts about the brother of Chris Hemsworth, and how much his net worth is?

Brother of Chris Hems worth! Did you know?

Indeed the Hems worth family has given us a lot of great stars.

Early life

Meet Luke Hemsworth who is born on the fifth of November in the year 1980 in Melbourne. Is the eldest son of all. His father’s name is Greg Hemsworth Hoon by profession as a social service counsellor and his mother’s name is LEONIE, who is an English teacher by occupation.

He has two more siblings in the form of brothers. One brother’s name is Liam Hemsworth and the other brother‘s name is Chris Hemsworth.

It was only in the year 2001 that he started his career in the domain of cinema, theatre and acting. He has been trained at the National Institute of dramatic arts which are situated in Sydney New South Wales.

His first shot was Hina Australian soap opera neighbours in the role of Nathan Tyson.

He’s also appeared in many TV series such as the last Man standing, all Saints, blue healers, the saddle club and also satisfaction.

Filmography and his Career Trajectory

Here is the list of films and the roles which, Luke Hems worth has done.

  • In the year 2014, he plays the role of detective Jason Pearson, In the film the reckoning. In the same year 2014, he also plays the role of agent Richard in the film the anomaly. Again in the same year, he played the role of Dylan Smith in the Picture kills me three times.
  • 2015 he played the role of Charlie Kent in the movie infinity.
  • 2016 as Travel, in the film Science Fiction volume one The Osiris Child.
  • In the year 2017, he played the Role of wild bill in the film Hickok.
  • 2017 he did the project of Thor Ragnarok.
  • 2018 playing the role of Lucas in the film we are boats. As Von, In the film River runs red, and also Will Fleming in the encounter.
  • 2019 as Caleb in crypto.
  • 2020 plays the role of Neil, in the death of me.
  • 2021 He played the role of Vernon in the film asking for it.
  • As Bosch, in Bosch and Rockit.
  • 2022 we are about to see a new film from the side when he will be playing An important role in the film Thor love and thunder.
  • Luke has also worked in many television shows following the list of those shows.
  • From 2001 to 2002 he plays the role of Nitin Tyson in 10 episodes of neighbors. And it was this television show which was the beginning of my career in the field of cinema.
  • In 2003 key play the role of Simon in the saddle club he came in the episode first horse part one.
  • 2004 as Glen Peters, In the show, Blue heelers.
  • In 2005 he did to important shows like last Man standing and all Saints.
  • 2007 he plays the role of Paul the butcher in the film satisfaction.
  • 2008 as John Carter hire three episodes in neighbors and as uncle Harry in the elephant princess.
  • 2009 he plays the role of Electrician in Carla Cametti PD.
  • As John in a tangle.
  • In 2011 he play the role of a villain in the Bazura Project.
  • 2012 he played the role of Gregory shadow Campbell in bikie wars Brothers in arms.
  • In 2012 as Jackson Norton in winners and losers. 2016 to present he has worked as Ashley Stubbs in West world.
  • 2021 coach Ericsson in young rock.

What is his net worth?

Fans are also eager to know how much his network is.

According to various estimates from websites such as MD daily record.com, from cheat sheet.com, from celebrity net worth.com, wealthy persons.com, and also Many other websites his net worth is around US$3 million.

Though this is less than his brother Chris still it is too much for an act like him.

To know more about Luke please follow the website.

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