Honest and Fair Journalists Are Rare but Franca Lehfeldt Is One Among Them

Franca Lehfeldt is a German journalist who works at InfoNetwork and RTL media group. She is also the girlfriend of German famous politician Christian Linder. In this article, we will talk about Franca Lehfeldt and get a glimpse of her career and personal life along with her popularity and the reasons behind it.



Franca likes to keep her childhood memories private and wants to keep her personal life away from the shadow of the media and so she has not released her parent’s name or their occupation. She also didn’t release much about her childhood. However, she was born in Hamburg, Germany, and did a Bachelors of Business Administration focusing on International hospitality management and development from Glion Institute of Higher Education for four years in 2009. She then pursued a master’s in Strategic Marketing and graduated from the International school of management in Germany from 2014 to 2016. She has also joined RTL Journalistenschule from 2017-2018.



Franca is one of the most liked journalists amongst people because of her honest opinion and fairness. People believe that work is unbiased and she is a great journalist. She has worked in various organizations such as Angestelltenverhältnis.

According to her Linkedin profile, she has worked in Infonetwork for 5 years and she is working at Chefrepporterin Politik Magazine for 9 months along with Angestelltenverhältnis for 5 years. She also trained under Fischer Appelt for 4 months.


Marriage/ Partner

Franca is not married yet however, she is seeing Christian Linder. Linder married in 2011 after dating Rosenfeld in 2009. The couple separated in April of 2018. 

After Christian divorced Dagmar Rosenfeld, he began dating Franca Lehfeldt. Her partner, Christian is also a member of the FDP’s Executive Board in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where he has been since 1998. Linder was born on 7th January 1979 and is a German politician. Since 2013, Christian Wolfgang Lindner has been the leader of the liberal Free Democratic Party in Germany. He has also been a member of the Bundestag representing North Rhine-Westphalia since the year 2017 having previously served in the Bundestag from 2009 to 2017.


Social Media presence

Franca is also an active social media user and an active personality on social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She has Instagram followers of more than 53k and she also has a verified account there. She also has over 2k followers on Twitter.

Her social handles are:

Instagram: Franca_lehfeldt

Twitter: @francalehfeldt

Linkedin: Franca Lehfeldt

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