About Georg Stiels Krankheit: Everything About Georg Stiels Krankheit

Georg Stiles, born in 1965, received his training as a stylist and model at Esmod Munich after completing his theological and philosophical studies at the University of Munich. During this time, he participated in an internship with Beatrice Hympendhal and worked at the magazine “Freund,” among other things. In 1991, while still a student, he was selected as the winner of the Smirnoff Fashion Awards in Germany, where he competed against a thousand other designers. Let us learn more about Georg Sichels’s illness.


After completing his diploma, Georg Stiles worked in the sales department of Sona Bogner and later as an international buyer and manager of Rosy Maendler in Munich, where he was able to spend more time with Carla Sozzani in Milan’s “Corso Como 10,” the design mecca. He then demonstrated his abilities as a product coordinator, product manager, styling coordinator, and chief designer for well-known companies such as Escada, Rena Lange, and the Second Group Amsterdam (which includes brands such as Louis Feráud, Fink, and G-Star, among others).


Georg Stiles is now widely regarded as a fashion and lifestyle specialist who has established a reputation for himself through a number of successful projects in the field of interior design. In addition to his continuous further training in the fields of image consulting, cosmetics and make-up application, fragrances, fashion, etiquette, rhetoric, and company advice, Georg Stiles is in high demand as an external contact person for companies in Germany and abroad.

Life in Fashion

The established fashion professional has worked as a guest lecturer on fashion history and seasonal trends at the Academy for Visagistics in Hamburg, among other positions. Georg Stiles began working as a fashion expert for Germany’s first home shopping channel, HSE24, on April 25, 2005. His expertise in fashion trends, colors, cuts, and most importantly, fits made him seem like a credible expert. In the field of fashion, the outstanding expert represents technical expertise, truthfulness, and a calm style of demonstration that has been highly regarded by thousands of customers for many years. In February 2013, he launched his own men’s line, which was later supplemented by a fragrance line, to great success. In April 2015, Georg Stiles launched a very successful women’s fragrance line, which was developed entirely under his direction and was immediately successful.

After nearly 16 years, Georg Stiles made the decision at the beginning of 2021 to break new ground and design a complete brand world under the name GEORG STEELS in collaboration with an extremely dedicated team in a new location. His own clothing line will debut on CHANNEL21 in October 2021 and will be available for purchase. Additionally, its highly acclaimed and long-awaited fragrances will be on display once more. And, for the first time, his long-cherished dream of having a beauty line that was entirely based on his ideas comes true. Finally, but certainly not least, it surprises with home accessories that have previously been unavailable in this form in German home shopping. The maxim of Georg Stiles stands out above all: Everything must be of high quality and value!

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