An Amazing Love Story Silvia Keiler & Roland Keiser

Silvia Keiler, popularly known as Silvia Keiler, is the celebrity spouse of Roland Keiser (Keiler). She was married to a famous musician on February 23, 1996. In this article, we will talk about Silvia Keiler and her life with her husband, the singer Ronald Keiler.


Ronald has been a very popular and successful pop singer since the mid-1970s. The singer popularised Schlager music in his early career. Christina Keiler is the third wife of Roland after his failed marriages with Christina Keiler and Anja Schute.

Personal life and family

Silvia is aged 54 and shares a compatible life with her partner, who is 68 years old. Silvia and Ronald became acquainted after one of the latter’s performances at a concert. Following the concert, they sat at the same restaurant and thus started the lifelong conversation of the couple. The lovebirds soon got married, thus beginning a wonderful love story. The couple have built a comfortable nest with each other’s support and the three children, Hendrik, Jan, and Annalena. Jan and Annalena are biological children of the couple, whereas Hendrick is the child of Roland and his former wife, Anja.

Annalena, however, seems to be the closest to the couple. She recently talked about their family life together for the first time. Beyond everyday family life today, Annalena Keiler especially mentions the period in the MDR documentary when Roland Kaiser struggled with his COPD disease and got a new lung. As her better half concludes, Silvia is an ideal combination of a great friend, a great mother, and an unmatchable partner.


Silvia has been an exceptional support system for the singer since he started suffering from his lung disease in 2000. He later admitted proudly in an interview that it was Silvia who made him publicise the disease and made the star break his silence. He admits that Silvia was instrumental in reintroducing him to his “second life.”After a successful operation, he had to go to the rehabilitation centre for a while. As the singer acknowledges, Silvia and he grew even closer to the company and harmony as they grew together in their darkest hours. He realised that his happy place was music and family.

After over twenty years, he finally felt he had to truly thank her. He no longer has to look out for other women because Silvia is the right one. Together with his wife, Silvia, who stood by him in the darkest times, and his three children, Roland currently enjoys a lovely family life. Silvia Keller, successfully completing a marriage life of 25 years and 11 months, definitely proves to be an ideal life partner for Roland. She turned out to be an exceptional friend and partner to a highly valued celebrity like Ronald. We wish that the couple prosper and live in peace and harmony for as long as they live.

What do you think of Silvia Keiler, folks? Are Silvia and Roland an exception, or are there still true love stories?

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