What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Rachel McAdams Net Worth’s

Her full name is Rachel Anne McAdams. She was born on 17 November in the year 1978.

She was born in London a place in Ontario Canada. Her mother’s name is Sandra who my profession is Anas. And his father’s name is Lance McAdams who by profession is a truck driver in Canada.

Early Life

She grew up as a child in a protest and household. She has two other siblings in the form of a younger sister her name is Kayleen McAdams. Who is born in the year 1982 and who I profession is a makeup artist. And she also has a younger brother whose name is Daniel Dan McAdams who by profession is a personal trainer.

By descent, she is Scottish and Irish Welsh, and English. In personal life, she was mingling with the great star Ryan Gosling after they did the common project of the notebook. They both had a relationship between 2005 2007 and then they again reunited in the year 2008. From the year 2010 to 2013 she was in a deep relationship with her co-star Michael Sheen who did the project together at midnight in Paris.

From the year 2016, she started to date and American screenwriter Jamie Linden. It was only in the year 2018 that she gave birth to her first child with Jamie Linden it was a son.

Her Projects and Works

Have the following films that she has done over her career.

In 2002 she play the role of Sally Garfield in the film my name Is Tanino.

In 2002 she did the film perfect by N The hot chick.

2004 was a watershed moment in your life because she did the role of Regina George in the film mean girls, and also the role of Alice in Hamilton in the film which made her a worldwide success in the notebook.

In the year 2005, she did the film wedding crashers, read I, the Family Stone. In the year 2007 and she did the film married life. In the year 2008, she played the role of Colee Dunn, In the film the lucky ones. In the year 2009, she played the role of Della Frye, In the film State of play. In the same year did she did the film the time travelers wife. In the year 2009, she did the rules of Irene Adler in the film Sherlock homes. In the year 2010, she played the role of Becky Sola in the film morning glory.

In the year 2011 again about Shubh movement in life that she did to create films first one was midnight in Paris. And then another one was Sherlock Holmes a game of shadows.

  1. 2012 she plays the role of page Collins in the film the wow, as Christine stands for in passion and as China into the wonder.
  2. 2013 she played the role of Mary in the film about time.
  3. In year 2014, she play the role of Annabel Richter, In the film and most wanted man.
  4. In the year 2015 G pay the role of Sarah in everything will be fine, as the role of the mother in the film the Little Prince,  as Maureen hopes in the south pole, and Socha Pfeiffer, India film spotlight.
  5. 2016 she did the role of Christine Palmer with Dr strange. In 2017 she did the film disobedience. In the next year 2018, she plays the role of any Davis in the film game night.
  6. In 2020 she did the film Eurovision Song contest The story of fire Saga.
  7. In 2022 we are still waiting for her to play the role of Christine Palmer in the film which is much awaited that is Dr strange in the multi-verse of madness.

Yet another film in which she plays the role of Barbara Simon is Are you there a God? It’s me, Margaret.

What is her Net worth?

Fans are also curious to know how much net worth is let us know how many days.

  • According to celebrity net was.com, her net worth is around US$25 million.
  • According to wealthy gorilla.com, her net worth is around US$60 million.
  • According to MD daily record.com that net worth is around US$20 million.
  • According to a famous website the richest.com, her net worth is around US$16 million.
  • According to another famous website cheat sheet.com for a net worth of around US$16 million.
  • According to money inc.com, her network has achieved US$16 million.

All these estimates can say that they are not official yet we can see her net worth ranges between US$16 million to US$30 million. To know more about the celebrity please follow website.

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