Theodora Thompson Tessa In-Depth Information on the Life and Career of Actor/Director/Producer

Early life, and career

Her full name is Tessa Lynne Thompson. She was born on the third of October in the year 1983. She began her professional career when she started a drive in Los Angeles women’s Shakespeare Company when she was studying side by side at Centre Monica College.

She was born in Los Angeles in California and it was two places that she was raised in one was Los Angeles and the other one was Brooklyn New York.

Father’s name is Marc Antony Thomason, Who is the founder of musical collective chocolate genius in corporations and by profession as a singer and a songwriter. Her mother is having a mix of Mexican and European ancestry. She also has a sibling in the form of a younger sister her name is Zsela, Who also by profession is a singer and a songwriter just like a father.

Following are the films and projects that she has done.

In the year 2006, she did the role of Scarlett in the movie when a Stranger calls. In the year 2008, she did the role of Dana which was needed in the film to make it happen. In the same year 2008, she also prays the role of a waitress in the movie the human contract.

In the year 2009, she did the role of Kari Peterson, In the movie Mississippi damned.

In the year 2010 she did the role of Claire in the movie every day black man, as the role of Liz in the movie exquisite corpse, and in the role of Nyla Ambrose, In the film Colored girls.

2011 she gave two films territory in red and blue marbles.

In 2012 she had to play the role of Nia Palmer in the movie murder on the 13th floor. In the year 2013, she did the role of Maggie in the film automotive.

In the movie dear White People, she paid the role of Samantha Sam White in the year 2014.

In 2014 she did the role of Wallis, In the film grandson and rose in the same year she did the role of rosemary in the phone points of the region and as Nash in the movie Selma.

In the year 2015, she did the great romantic, greed these two films.

In the year 2016, she played the role of Jackie Hollis in the movie War on everyone, and also the role of Brit in the film saltwater.

In the year 2017, she played the role of Chris in the movie South Dakota and it is in the same year that she played the role of Valkyrie, In the famous movie Thor Ragnarok.

2018 came in as a blessing year where she gave a total of six films by name of sorry to bother you, Annihilation, furlough, little woods, dirty Computer, creed.

2019 she did a Role in the film by the name of a brave girl rising, In the avenger’s end game, in men in Black international, between two ferns, and also lady and tramp. In the year 2020, she played the role of Sylvie Parker, In the film Sylvia’s Love.

How much is her Networth?

Fans want to know how much her net worth this let us know.

According to the website celebrity, her net worth is around US$4 million.

According to the website famous births, her net worth is around US$4 million.

According to the website Vicky her net was around US$3 million.

According to the website self her network is US$3.8 million.

According to, her network is around US$4 million.

Indeed She deserves all the money she has earned through her great passion and hard work and we congratulate her to get more in the future. To know more about the celebrity please follow our website

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