Issa Rae graduated from Stanford, and also she has big Net worth?

Know for her work in the project called, Awkward Black Girl. A YouTube web series was fostered by her in the incipient years of her career.

Early Life

Her full name is Jo Issa Rae Diop. She was born on the 12 January, in the year 1985.

She was born in Los Angeles, in the state of California. Her father’s name is Abdoulaye Diop, Who by profession was a pediatrician and also neonatologist from Senegal, which is officially called the Republic of Senegal a country in West Africa.

Her mother‘s name is, Delyna Diop, go by profession is a teacher from the state of Louisiana.

It is a very unique story that they both met in France and also unique that they both together went to the school. And it was after they mingled in such a way that they decided to marry each other.

Issa, Has a total of four siblings.

When she was in your child for a very short period the whole family lived in the capital and the largest city of Senegal that is Dakar.


Then on when she grew older she was for most of the time these days Potomac which is in Maryland. Dear, she engaged with a lot of Jewish best friends. When she was in the sixth grade whole of the family moved to the famous, affluent, Valley view Park Windsor Hills. View Park Windsor Hills is a neighborhood of Los Angeles.

She has graduated from Medical and science school by the name King Drew magnet High school. It was here that she started professional practice, In the field of acting and cinema. It is also curious to know when she was in high school her parents got divorced and put it away.

Did you know she has graduated from Stanford?

In the year 2007, she graduated with a major in African and African American studies with a bachelor of arts from the very Stirling university called Stanford University. When she was a college student she wrote many plays many songs created many music videos. It is here that she created in established a mock reality series which now famously is called Dawn diaries. It was all just for fun but she did not know that her life is going to take a very long and different turn. At Stanford University, she met Tracy Oliver. With help of Tracy, she was able to produce a Project by the name awkward Black girl and it was on the show that she started as Nina.

After she came out of her college, Stanford University she received a grateful theatre fellowship in New York City at the public theatre.

It is interesting to know that Tracy Oliver that she met at Stanford university they both continued to be together and took the same classes at the New York Film Academy. She did many odd jobs which were trivial to keep her body and soul together. At one point of time in her life, she has to decide, where she had a mixed dilemma to choose between a business school and a law school. But life when you work hard and you have a goal to achieve gives you better options. She decided to drop both the ideas as she saw that her show off the series awkward black girls started to become prominent from the year 2011.

Fans also curious to know how much her net worth is, let us know.

According to, Her net worth is around US$4 million. Another website, Reflects that she has a net worth of around US$4 million.

According to the website, Her net worth is around US$4 million.

According to the celebrity net worth article again it is US$4 million.

This reflects that the estimates are true that her net worth is US$4 million as we find no Skewed data online. To continue to know more about her please follow the website.

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