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Joshua Kimmich Eltern Herkunft, born on 8 February 1995, is a professional German football player. He currently plays for the German National Football team and Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) club as a defensive midfielder and right-back. With his amazing skills and versatility, Kimmich is often considered the successor of Philipp Lahm, the former Bayern Munich captain. Let’s talk about Joshua Kimmich Eltern.


Like most professional footballers, Joshua Kimmich Eltern started football at a very young age. He played youth footfall for VfB Stuttgrat and joined RB Leipzig in 2013. His first professional club goal was a 3-2 victory against FC Saarbrucken and went on to complete 26 appearances in the 2013-14 season. At the national level, he scored the goal in the 2014-15 season in another 3-2 victory against Union Berlin.

Kimmich’s association with Bayern Munich started in January of 2015 when he signed a 5-year contract for a fee of 7 million Euros. His debut for Munich was in August and in September he entered Bundesliga as a substitute player in a match against FC Augsburg. That same month he made his debut in the UEFA Champion’s League. 2017-20 had been his peak seasons as a versatile player for Bayern Munich. He completed his profile as a club player with matches against Real Madrid, Barcelona, and the Champion’s League title of 2020. He signed an extension contract with the team, which made him a player for Bayern Munich till 2021.

 His international football career took off in 2016 as a preliminary in the 27-man squad for UEFA Euro 2016. He was given shirt number 21 and he was chosen to start the June 2016 match against Northern Ireland in the final Group C match. He stayed as the right-back for the team that year and they went through to the semi-finals, named as “Team of the tournament”.Joshua Kimmich Eltern scored his first national goal in a 3-0 victory against Norway during the 2018 FIFA qualification. Another memory goal of his career remains from a friendly match against Denmark where he was noted for his amazing overhead kick. Kimmich played as a defensive midfielder in the UEFA Nation’s League match against France for the first time in 18 months. In 2021, he was chosen for the UEFA Euro 2021 squad.

 Personal Life

Joshua Kimmich Eltern is noted for his defensive and attacking styles, making him an invaluable part of the German team. In his personal life, he is a father to a little boy and girl with his girlfriend Lina Meyer. He launched the “We kick Corona” initiative in the wake of the pandemic. However, his unvaccinated status has caused him to miss a number of important matches for both his teams.

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