Mara Pedraza Money Heist: Networth, A Girl with Multitasking Abilities

Introduction of one of the Finest Actor of Money Heist

Mara Pedraza Morillo (born January 26, 1996) is a Spanish actress, dancer, and model who rose to prominence after starring in the Netflix series Money Heist and Elite.

Pedraza was discovered by film director Esteban Crespo through her Instagram account, and he invited her to an audition for the lead role in his debut film Amar, where she was cast as Laura, with Pol Monen, Natalia Tena, Gustavo Salmerón, and Nacho Fresneda.

Her second acting project was in the popular Atresmedia series Money Heist, where she played Alison Parker, the daughter of the British ambassador to Spain. Following Netflix’s purchase of the film, the actress gained national and international attention. Pedraza’s involvement in the second Netflix original Spanish series Élite was revealed in January 2018, alongside fellow Money Heist cast members Miguel Herrán and Jaime Lorente. 

She has starred in a rising number of television and film roles since her swift ascent to prominence, in addition to focusing on her ballet career.

In 2021, Maria Pedraza’s net worth is $ 2 million

She is a model and actress from Spain who is best known for her work in the film industry. Maria Pedraza rose to fame thanks to her roles in the Netflix series Money Heist, which made her famous not only in Spain but around the world. This series altered her life, and it was a watershed moment in her career.

Maria’s Instagram following exploded after she appeared in this series, and she now has over 12 million followers.


Mara Pedraza Morillo was a very fine and versatile actor . SHe has left her remarkable steps in the film industry and in television as well. All the characters of money Heist are amazing in thier own way.Mara Pedraza Morillo has done a great job in money hirst and we all know the success rate of money HIEST .In the last we can say that this actor was very fine in her roles.

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