Theresa Underberg: This actress full name would shock you!

Her Full Name Is too long, Many parents like to keep their kids’ names short and simple so that it is easy for them to recall them. But there are some cases where this is not true one such case is about a famous German actress famously known as Theresa Underberg. But did you know that her full name is Kira Theresa Beatrice Frederike Felicitas Cornelia Maria Underberg? Shocked! Even we are, but we all have such sporadic cases in our society.

Early life and Relatives

Kira Theresa Underberg was born in the year 1985 on the sixth of May in the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Which lies in West Germany. She is a German actress and also as many of you don’t know radio play talker. Did you guys remember the famous Enid Blyton’s The famous five, which was a series of adventurous children when they go on Treasure Island? It was this place radio version in German that Teresa took over the voice of Anne. And this was in the year 1999. She continues to work under the series till today.

She has also been given a big-screen debut role in the comedy film what a man where she starred next to the actor Matthias. She has also made many guest appearances.

Her Acting works in Radio and Movies

The works of shares as follows

  • Verbotene Liebe as Lydia Brander
  • What a man as Stin
  • Soko Koln as Frauke Papke
  • Es Kommt Noch Dicker as Rike
  • Tatort as Sarah’ mother
  • Bettys Diagnoses as Lizzy Riedmuller. She has also played in the radios, her famous radio plays RS follows
  • The famous fire from the year 1999 till present as Anne
  • Three investigators as Clarrisa
  • In Fall fur Tkkg as Regina In the year 2001 and also in the year 1999.

She is very Secretive

She keeps her personal life very personal and does not come out in the public domain to reflect it. Very less is known about your family, about the network, about her personal presence in her life. She is enigmatic and her acting skills reveal the eyes of most of the German people

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