This Is Joe Manchin Election Prediction Time

Joe Manchin is an American businessman and politician, currently serving as the United States senior senator from West Virginia. In this article, we will talk about him and his election prediction.

Election Prediction

Joe Manchin has controversial predictions among people. Some leftist talking heads claimed that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s vote against President Biden’s Build Back Better idea may mark the death of democracy. Further, it is also said that Manchin is trying to kill Biden’s legislative agenda. Following extensive discussion, Manchin declared on “Fox News Sunday ” that he will vote “no” on the BBB proposal. The West Virginia senator acknowledged the repercussions of his decision among the society and the campaign trails.

Plan for Reelection

Joe Manchin is also planning for reelection in 2024. We believe that his decision on the Build Back Better idea will get influenced because of the reelection, however, he denies that.

  • Democrats have attempted to impress Manchin privately, why some crucial features, such as an enlarged child tax credit in one of the poorest states in the country, will be accepted by West Virginia voters, according to individuals familiar with the situation.
  • But, just as Manchin campaigned as the lone Democrat to support Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation in 2018 — winning by three points in a deeply red state — his allies believe he’ll do the same if he’s the lone Democrat to stall Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar agenda to overhaul health care, education, housing, child care, climate change policies, and the tax code. However, doing so would create a massive outcry from even his most ardent fans, as well as jeopardize Biden’s reelection message in 2024.
  • Manchin says that he is trying to communicate with the president. He also calls Biden his good friends though he criticized his agenda and policies.

What do you think about Joe Manchin’s chances of being reelected? Do you agree with his policies?.

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