What’s Next for Joe III? We Need More Family Time and Maybe a Job in Biden’s Administration

American lawyer turned politician Joe Kennedy served as the United States representative from 2013 to 2021. He stood for Massachusetts’s 4th congressional district. In this article, we will talk about Joe Kennedy’s political career, his early life, and his family and take a look at Joe Kennedy III election prediction.

Early Life

Born on 4th October 1980, Kennedy was the son of Joseph P Kennedy II and Sheila Brewster Rauch. He grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, US. Joe earned his law degree from Harvard Law School in 2009. Joe married Lauren Anne Birchfield in 2012.

Election Prediction

There were several predictions about the election. Most of them were in support of Joe Kennedy because of his family’s strong political background. However, Kennedy was defeated by the U.S. Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts.

According to NBC’s Steve Kornacki, President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Ted Kennedy, Rep. Joe Kennedy II, and Rep. Joe Kennedy III has collectively won 26 Democratic primaries in Massachusetts without any failures, marking a historic moment for a family that has often loomed larger than life in liberal politics for much of the last half-century.

Election Conclusion

This was the first election in Massachusetts lost by the Kennedy family. Markey aligned himself with the liberal wing of the party while he appealed to the voters and also got the support of progressive leaders. These are the major causes of the victory of Edward Markey.

After losing the election, Kennedy III made an announcement that he wasn’t expecting this result. However he said he will appear for the election again though his initial words were “No matter the results tonight, I would do this all again with all of you in a heartbeat” and thanked all his supporters.

What do you think of Joe Kennedy’s politics? Did you agree with the election prediction?

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