Everything You Need to Know About Bea Fiedler in One Concise Document

Bea Fiedler is a former German actress and photo model born on June 28, 1957, in Duisburg Germany. Known for her bold movies and photoshoots, Fiedler rose to fame with her shoots as a young teenager from Germany. In this article, we talk about Bea Fiedler and give you a glimpse into her life and career.


Fiedler started her career as a hairdresser and then as a model in her teenage years. She got her big break as a photo model with big magazines like Vogue and Playboy. She became “Playmate of the month” in 1977, in the June issue of Playboy. Soon, she became a known face in the German soft-porn industry as a movie star. She went on to appear in various film series like Eis am Stiel and released her work under the name Bea. She also had a short singing career, in which she released songs as “Bea”. Though her music career did not catch on in the mainstream industry, she continued as a disco girl and movie star in Germany.

Bea Fiedler became a star with her role in Macho Man, playing co-actor to Rene Weller and Peter Althof. Her picture stories in magazines like VIP became some of the most talked-about picture series of her career (1987). Her greatest claim to fame was with movies like Hurray, the Swedes are here (1978), The Island of a thousand joys (1978), Count Dracula in Upper Bavaria (1979), Nobody kissed the horse (1980), Three Swedes on the Reeperbahn (1980) among several others. She was also featured in TV series like Metropolitan era (with featured photographs) and Lilli Lottofee.

Personal life

 Although a very successful actress in the 80s, Bea Fiedler’s career started a sad decline when she was photographed pregnant in the VIP magazine shoot. She claimed that the father of her child was the Crown Prince of Monaco, with whom she had an encounter in Munich. However, there was a short scandal in which she lost her reputation. It is said that she lost her “figure” as an erotic actress and by the 90s, Bea Fiedler was only a household name, almost forgotten. She stopped undressing in front of a camera and led a very low-profile life.

Bea Feidler was in a relationship with actor Olli Maier till 1985. She also worked in a pub and ran a nightclub in Ibiza. She was close to her grandparents, with whom she left her only son, but has been reported to be out of contact with them. As of recent reports of 2021, she lives a silent life in a small apartment in Erlangen and has very little contact with the media.

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