Isabel may: Our All Favorite Character “KATIE” from Famous (Netflix Sitcom)

Katie from Netflix! Remember her?

Alexa and Katie, remember the show! Yes, it is a famous American sitcom which has been created by Heather Wortham. And original Netflix series. This is a situational comedy a form of the genre in which nothing is certain and everything brings with it trivial situations.

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You may have loved The very beautiful character of Katie, Did you know her full name is Isabel May.

Early life and the start of her Career

Isabel May, I was born on the 21st of November in the year 2000 in Santa Monica which is in California USA. When she was in sixth grade she decided that she will start auditioning for theatre and cinema but these three years she did not land any role then they all including her parents decided that she should take her 10th grade online and focus more upon acting.

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It was only after six months that Katie landed a very famous role in the Netflix sitcom Alexa and Katie.

Here when she started she had no acting experience and had only limited training.

She has Acted in other Famous Shows as well.

Then she also later joined the cast of Young Sheldon of a famous show. She has also starred as the party host in the Independent film let’s schedule it to death which is a 90 minute continuously short film in the year 2018.

Isabel May had recently premiered the latest movie, its name is run hide fight. It premiered worldwide at the Venice Film festival on the date of 10th of September in the year 2020.

A title filmography called I want you back is yet to be announced in which many say Isabelle May plays an important role.

Her success comes majorly from her film, Netflix of Alexa and Katie and other such young age of 21 she indeed has become famous and a superstar in very short duration of time

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