Jennifer Aniston: The Prime Reason we all watched the show “FRIENDS”

We all loved the American television sitcom named FRIENDS which was created by David Green and Marta Kauffman. This sitcom indeed was a boon of our lives, which we watched regularly, and the lives of the actors and actresses reverberated the events of our life is too.

But there was this one character in friends that we all loved the Role of Rachel Green.

But this is not a real name, she is famous in Hollywood with the name Jennifer Aniston.

Early Life, and Family Information

Her full name is Jennifer Joanna Aniston, she was born on the 11th of February in the year 1969.

Her parents too are actors, his father‘s name is Jon Antony Aniston who is the Greek Born American Actor. Her mother is also a great actress and her name is Nancy Dow.

Jennifer was born in the Shermanoaks neighborhood around Los Angeles. It was due to her family background that she saw the nitty-gritty is of acting and cinema and as a child, she moved to the great city of New York.

Though when she was a child she was prohibited from watching television but then she found out ways to do against it.

She attended the Waldorf school when she was six. When she was at the age of nine her parents got parted away. It was when she was at the age of 11 at the Waldorf school she discovered that she had those inherent acting skills that I needed to become a great actress.

Thereon in the Waldorf school, she went on to enhance and foster skills of acting gradually and effectively.

Then on Jennifer enrolled herself in Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts. Situated in Manhattan New York.

There and she joined the school’s Society of drama where she again ameliorated her skills of acting.

Career Life, and Incipient Years of Struggle

Her career started in a theatre called Broadway situated in Manhattan in the city of New York. Thereon she worked on different projects such as “for dear life”, and “ dancing on checker’s grave”. And to have a financial question she also worked part-time as a telemarketer, as a waitress and also as a bike messenger

She did a very minor role in a science fiction film called Mac and me in the year 1988. It was at this point that she effectively started acting skills on the real stage of cinema.

Then on she went on to appear on the Howard Stern show where she worked as a spokesmodel for the project Nutrisystem.

Then there was no looking back, After returning to Los Angeles she did regular television rules on different projects and films. Films and roles such as Molloy, Ferris Bueller, Camp Cucamonga, Leprechaun, The edge, muddling through, quantum leap, Hermans’s head, Burkes’s law.

All these rules above mentioned were only minor and had no fundamental disruptive effect on her career then it was the year 1994 that changed Jennifer’s whole life.

Friends and Sterling worldwide recognition.

During the years 1993, Jennifer was not on an ascendant line and was depressed about a few unsuccessful television shows.

But then after much effort, she got a landed Aana Sitcom set which was at debuted on NBC‘s. The show that we all successfully now know

A Great Turnaround in her Career

As the FRIENDS. This American sitcom was a massive hit and it gave a global strength to the character of Jennifer Aniston and her role that was vehemently and strongly laughed at worldwide.

It was due to this sitcom she received till now five prime time awards nominations she has also won for lead actress she was also twice nominated for Golden Globe awards and eventually won in the year 2003 as Best actress.

A very amazing fact that her fans would not know that according to the Guinness book world records Jennifer Aniston game the highest-paid television actress of all time in which she took US$1 million per episode during the peroration of friends in the year 2004

Currently, she is 52 of age and has a height of 164 cm.

Her Relationships with two Famous Hollywood Actors, yet they both failed.

Jennifer met Brad Pitt, who is a famous American actor and also a film producer. They both met in the year 1988. And that year they are cute and secret relationships received widespread coverage all over the media. And it was after two consecutive years of dating they both married together on the date of July 29 in the year 2000. But for the next five years, things did not quite go well and it was on January Seventh, 2005 that they both announced that they’re separating and parting with each other and finally they got divorced on the second of October 2005.

Then Jennifer went on to be single for many years.

Jennifer Aniston starts dating another American actor and filmmaker Justin Paul Theorox, during the years of 2011. And finally on the 10th of August in the year 2012 they both got engaged. It was on the fifth of August 2015 that they married each other.

But unfortunately for Jennifer, the marriage took off only for the next two years, and finally they both again got separated in the year 2017.

Net Worth and Wealth

Jennifer Aniston as has been mentioned above came as one of the highest-paid actresses as of 2018 in the female category. She has also been the top-earning actress in the famous list of Forbes for consecutively 15 years since 2001 and then she also listed many times on celebrity hundred.

According to official estimates of Forbes magazine in the year 2007 Jennifer Aniston’s net worth was pegged around US$110 million in the year 2014 this became US$150 million than in the two the year 2017 this became US$200 million and it seemed like there was no end to it. And according to a few estimates as of now Jennifer Aniston‘s net worth currently is around the range of US$300 million that is a lot for such a Sterling actress in Hollywood.

She is not having any Children, and feels Painful about it

She does not have any children. And recently in news, it has been written that Jennifer Aniston is feeling pain about not having children.

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