Christine Tine Wittler has Great Collection of Luxury Cars including Porsche Convertible Boxster

The craze of cars, but also craze of other things.

Many of us know that German cars are very great products, they range from Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, and Porsche. But did you know that Germany is not just known for its automobile industry but also for great and sterling artists? Let us read about one of such German artists, she’s an author and a very great writer. Her name is Christine Tine Hitler.

Who is she?

She was born on the second of April 1973 in a town called REHDEN which is situated in the far north of Germany.

The language she speaks rights and also science is German.

She went to study in LUNEBURG, which is a public university in lower Gemini founded in the year 1946, famously known for its Domain of education. Then on Christine Tine Wittler, went on to study at the University of Glamorgan, which is a university in South Wales, now famously known as the University of South Wales. Wales is a country in the United Kingdom. In the incipient years of a career Christine Tine Wittler worked as a freelance writer for NDR that stands for Norddeutscher Rundfunk, which is a broadcasting company based in Hamburg, it broadcasts the public radio and television shows.

Christine also has presented one of the famous German television programs called Bravo TV.

So now that we know Christine‘s occupation is not monotonous authorship, but she is and has been in the past as an artist, a singer, a sum producer, film producer, actor, author, and also a television presenter. As a permanent employee, she has worked only in the Bravo TV as per the official data that we have.

During an academic major years, she has the world into the areas such as cultural studies and communication studies, both of which give an edge to her authorship and her Sterling artistic works.

Her dominant instrument in the career field is a personal voice.

Since the year 1995, Christine Wittler, has been a resident of Ottensen, Which is a city located in Hamburg Germany.

Now She Runs her Own Business

It is in the city Christine runs on the web store or an online shopping business for plus-sized clothing. Because Christine, Indeed has ceased during her life issues of physiological policing, it is this drive to oust the negative image that people have about large-size people. It is with this drive that she runs her business to bring forward the idea that even large-sized people, who are big sizes are adorable and beautiful. The plus-size clothing web store is called since 2006 PRALLEWELT.

It was also in the year 2013 that his name was renamed as a fashion label, as king-size queens. Now it has been passed to her co-owner. Christine has also presented RTL which is a German free-to-air television channel on by the RTL group and to your amazement, it is the largest private network in the German country. It is in this television channel RTL that Christine showed, a program called Elinsatz in 4 Wanden, from the year 2003 to 2013.

Though not much is known about the family life and personal life as she keeps all these things very personal and does not like to announce them in the public domain.

Christine is indeed the pride of Germany, as she shows that German people cannot always be associated with cars and supercars but also as artists in other domains too just like writing. Christine indeed proves it.

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