Ursula Corbero: Remember Tokyo From Money Heist? Here Is How Much Net Worth She Has!

She is famously known as Tokyo due to her Sterling work as a de facto protagonist in Antena three, later Netflix series Money heist.

It’s Tokyo from Money Heist! Early life, and family

Her full name is Ursula Corbero Delgado, she was born on the 11th of August 1989. She was born in Barcelona a famous city in Spain. She grew up with her parents his father’s name is Pedro Corbero, Who is a carpenter. Her mother‘s name is Esther Delgado, by profession she was a self-employed shopkeeper.

úrsula corberó net worth

Ursula has a sibling in form of a sister whose full name is Monica Delgado. It was quite an early age, at age of six, that she know she wanted to be a great actress and it was only after residing at such a young age she decided to jump in completely and it was due to this early start in her career she first started acting in commercials.

She wanted to be an actress from a young age!


I will age of 13 she got many parts to do, and at the same age, she took acting classes as well as just dance classes and classes for Flamenco.

She first debuted as Maria in the television series Mirall Trencat, In the year 2002 then it was as a role or the character of Sir in VENTDELPLE in the year 2005 to 2006. And then in the series Cuenta Atras, in the year 2007 then she played the role of Manuela Portillo, in the year of 2008, the project was named El Internado, and then began working forward much harder than before.

One controversial series she worked on was Fisica o Quimica, Only till the year 2010. The reason was that she played the character of Ruth Gomez, that suffered from the mental issue of Bulimia. It was this role in the representation of that mental health issue in a very cinematic way that attract a lot of controversies but she did not lose faith in her career and went forward with making it more sterling.

After leaving this controversial series in 2011 she landed different roles in series such as La Repubblica.

Then on she went to do many roles in series such as Isabel in documentaries such as men’s health and many more.

It was in 2017 that her great Hollywood breakthrough came in when she started the work with La Casa de Papel. La casa de Papel is also famously called on the Netflix OTT platform as a money heist.

In money heist, she plays the role of Tokyo, who is the narrator of the story, who is running away as a robber than the professor, protagonist of the series searches for her and include her In his plan. It was this series that was a breakthrough in her career.

In 2021 the movie snake eyes are a continued franchisee from the GI Joe series in which she was playing the role of villain the Baroness in snake eyes.

In our personal life, she has stated many people, famous people. For example, in 2008 she was treated at Israel for two years, in the year 2011 she did a tennis player Feliciano Lopez for Five months. During the starting months of 2016, she was also in a relationship with actor Chino Darin.

She also has a dog her name is Lolita.

She Has a Great Vision for the Future

By her vision, she is a great feminist she wants the upliftment and the empowerment of the vulnerable women in the world.

She wants that everyone should have the right to say what she wants to do under no compulsion. It is a drive to bring women in the front face so that they can participate equally at par with men.

Many are curious to know how much she’s what is of.

How Much She Earns, and What Is Her Net Worth?

According to a very famous blog article by express.co.uk, her net worth has been put around US$1 million.

According to another website named Glamour Fame, her net worth and the earning collectively as of 2021 is around US$3 million.

It has been reported and officially that Tokyo was paid a formidable sum of hundred thousand US dollars per episode.

If you see all these collectively her net worth is around one million US dollars to three million US dollars. which is a lot for a young actress like her.

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