Read To Know About Networth of Pedro Alonso, Who Worked in the Famous Series Money Heist!

Did you know, in 2018 this star was chosen as the international star of the year by GQ Turkey?

His full name is Pedro Ochoro Gonzalez Alonso Lopez. Or simply, Pedro Alonso. Born on 21 June in the year 1971. He was born in Vigo a place in Spain. From in CP and years of his life, he was interested in drama, cinema, and acting as he started his studies at the Royal school of dramatic arts (RESAD).

He is an International Star!

Which is situated in Madrid where he graduated in the year 1992 and also from the theatre of dance.

Alonzo is dextrous as he speaks many languages, Officially he knows four languages which are his home language Spanish, Galician, Catalan, and English language. Apart from his role as an actor he is also a great writer and artist he published his work on the name of Pedro Alonso O’choro.

It is not that his life became a turning point after his work in the crime series called Money Heist. As even before that he has been working in many different roles, series, films. Such as Rias Baixas, from the year 2003 to 2005. In Maridos e mulleres, from the year 2008 to 2015. And Gondar, in the year 2009. Yet 2017, the year in which Money Heist was released, boosted his career prospects.

Personal Life and Family

Alonso is in a relationship with a hypnotherapist in an artist, her name is Tatiana Djordjevic. He also has a daughter she was born in 1988 but not from the current relationship but from the earlier one, her daughter’s name is, Uriel.

The most recent film he has done is the name The Silence of the marsh.

The upcoming television shows in the year 2023, whose name is Berlin.

In 2020 he received the film in Italy‘s Best movies award, this award is in the international award category, which she eventually won.

When fans look out for his net worth again, like most of the actors and actresses of Money Heist, it is not properly disclosed.

But according to different sources, such as his net worth is approx US$5 million as of 2021. According to, His net worth is around US$5 million. According to, his net worth is in a range of one million US dollars to five million US dollars.

If we take all these estimates we can fairly say that he ranges between one million US dollars to five million US dollars.

As these numbers are an official and buy secret sauce is his net worth can even be more or less.

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